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    Default Wine list at CSA

    My husband and I will be travelling to CSA in April (our first time to Jamaica and excited!!!). We are a couple who enjoy a good glass of red wine with supper or just while relaxing on our balcony. We were wondering how the wine selection was at CSA (house wine okay or do you have the option of buying a good wine with supper la carte ?) We would like to know in advance because, we often buy a good bottle of wine or two at the duty free boutique if we know the wine selection at our resort is not that great.

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    The house wine is drinkable, but not much else can be said for it. The "for purchase" wine list is acceptable as well. Nothing truly spectacular on it, but some decent wines. They are priced similarly to a restaurant in the States. (i.e. 2.5x the store price.)

    If you don't mind paying those prices, just buy them at the resort. If you want to save a few $, bring your own. I'm not certain if they would charge you a corkage fee or not.

    Have a great time!!


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    The house wines are Chilean - they are not entirely memorable. The house wines offered at Feathers are a bit better. They do offer a wine list where you can purchase ala carte. I recall seeing a few Mondavi's.

    We love Couples, and we love our wine, but we have found that it is best to rely on the rum and all of the fabulous mixed drinks at Couples!!

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