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    I agree, there are alot of good suggestions on here, We went on our first trip in May to CTI and I did take wayyyyy too much stuff. pack a little and enjoy more. We can't wait to go back!

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    WOW, this thread has 28 pages

    Does anyone have an easy to read master list of things mentioned in this thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eatso View Post
    WOW, this thread has 28 pages

    Does anyone have an easy to read master list of things mentioned in this thread?
    That would be a LONG list! Great idea though! We have been visiting Couples since 2007. I look at this list every time we go back. It helps remind me of things I need to pack. It has helped me a lot! Hope to be using it this coming December.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eatso View Post
    WOW, this thread has 28 pages

    Does anyone have an easy to read master list of things mentioned in this thread?
    If you go back a few pages, someone had made a list of all that were mentioned at the time. It may be a few years old by now, but not a whole lot was added since. I will go back and link it if I can find it. This is by far my favorite thread.
    CTI - 07, 10, 13, 15, 16, 18, 21

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    Quote Originally Posted by rckbert View Post
    I buy it at the airport and they wrap it for you. Not sure about buying it at the resort.
    Go to Amazon and search for "Jet Bags". They are zip lock reusable bags for bottles with diaper material inside as lining and cushioning. The material will absorb most of any spill from a breakage to protect your clothes but we have used these for years with no problem at all.[/QUOTE]

    Just purchased these Jet Bags for our trip on 10/13/17. I've talked for years about packing down a few bottles of nice wine. The wife and I love good wine and have been disappointed when trying to order special wines from the CSA wine list. They typically are out of everything. So this year i'm packing some in. Sitting on our balcony with a good bottle of wine and some cheeses and nibblers from the Palms buffet will be fantastic!!

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    Has anyone mentioned towel clips for the beach? We have ours from ten years ago and take them every trip.

    Life is good on the BEACH

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    Based on my experiences, the less you can bring, the better! The first time we went to Swept Away we only had 6 nights so on our second visit we booked 13 nights. For the third visit we've got 9 nights and that will be next month. I have been though this thread a few times over the years and hope that my contribution here will help others.

    * Only a few outfits (sundresses or shorts & t-shirts) are needed as you'll only be in them when you go for breakfast and lunch. A few hours a day, max.

    * At least 3 swimsuits because that is what you'll be in all day everyday. You will still need to rinse and dry after each wear but with only having to repeat 2 or 3 times - the shorts stay much fresher. If you are trying to get away with just 1 or 2 pairs, they'll get pretty funky fast! But just 2 beach cover-ups; 1 that goes with earth tones and the other matching bright colours. I have brought more in the past but have found that 2 is plenty because they're only worn to and from the beach and pool.

    * A large sun hat for the beach and a smaller sun cap for snorkeling/swimming and excursions. I think that guys could get away with 1 hat if he can wear it in the water.

    * Air fresher or something like that for the room as the accommodations @ CSA have often been musty or "tropical" smelling.

    * I used to bring my own hair care stuff as their quality is unusually low grade considering the high quality of other amenities. But, what I found because of the humidity is that I would always wear my hair up in a bun or ponytail so it did not matter what products I was using as I have not and won't be doing any hair styling whatsoever.

    * An old watch for the beach bag for sure as we want to keep our phones locked in our safe. It's so sad to see people on their phones all vacation long. But really, I couldn't even read the screen in that bright sun even if I wanted to haha.... OR don't even worry about it and just ask someone who is on their phone for the time

    * Personal water bottles for staying hydrated. In room bottled water being replenished can be hit and miss but regardless you'll need to stay hydrated and you will need more than what is provided in room best case. Side note - NO TACKY MEGA MUGS are allowed here and we love that they keep it classy! They just remind us of those awful pink/purple places on Bloody Bay (around Couples Negril). Also the bar glasses are not too small here. Other than go get another drink, what are you going to do anyways? Getting another drink gives you something to do. I have found bar glasses here are larger compared to other lower end beach resorts where people would need the Mega Mugs.

    * That brings me to my final and most important item. Emergen-C or Energy-C sachets! Even if you are not consuming lots of alcohol, for me I am definitely drinking more than I would at home. I would hate to get hungover or dehydrated, also its a multivitamin supplement so why not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beach-bum View Post
    Has anyone mentioned towel clips for the beach? We have ours from ten years ago and take them every trip.

    Life is good on the BEACH
    I'm so glad you brought this up! Can someone please tell me the purpose of the towel clip? I thought I had heard they keep the towels on the chairs on a windy day? Not THAT windy in Jamaica. Thanks!

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    The clips do a couple of things. They do keep the towels from blowing off. They also keep the towels from sliding down when your on the lounger, and they also make it easy to find "your" lounger if you are in a busy area. We always use them. I think they are called "Boca Clips".

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    Quote Originally Posted by BarDar View Post
    The clips do a couple of things. They do keep the towels from blowing off. They also keep the towels from sliding down when your on the lounger, and they also make it easy to find "your" lounger if you are in a busy area. We always use them. I think they are called "Boca Clips".
    Thank you! Makes perfect sense! Especially the finding your chairs after you walk away!

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    I discovered this by accident, but I would recommend bringing a ball cap, or something similar, from a sports team you support.

    I wore my Toronto Maple Leafs cap and it proved to be a great ice-breaker and conversation starter. A number of people asked about it, making comments like "Leafs hat? You must be from Canada". It really helped to meet people. I will absolutely wear it next time.

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    Agree with SteveT. I wore a tank top from our state team and found a few others from my state, was pretty cool. Towel clips are nice to take. remember a small medicine bag, just in case.
    There are alot of good posts in this thread to read, you can figure out what is best for you.
    A first trip you will take too much, but after that you will know.

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    Just purchased towel clips to put in my hubby's stocking for Christmas, shhh don't tell him... already planning our CSS trip in March! This will be our 4th trip to Couples and each time I've thought the clips seemed like a good idea. I second the koozy idea and the old watch, those were winners for us on our last trip at CN. I don't need to pack anything that says Minnesota on it, all I have to do is open my mouth and as soon as you hear me talk you'll know.

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    Default Updated list

    I took the liberty of making an updated list of things to bring. Thanks to jaydee for putting together the original list. I thought we pretty much covered everything of need, but surprisingly we have added a few more which are at the end of the original list.

    My addition is a large trash bag to drop your beach bag in for those quick pop up showers. Drop the beach bag in, give it a quick spin and stick it under your chair.

    • Pocket sized wet wipes
    • Small packets of cleaning wipes. Woolite, Shout etc.
    • Dicapac cover for digital camera. DiCAPac - Specialty Company in Digital Equipment's Waterproof Case
    • Waterproof bags for camera, books, cigs etc.
    • Pens in your carryon
    • Ziplock bags various sizes for packing and keeping things dry.
    • 100% deet
    • Snuff, it’s expensive at the resort.
    • Underwater camera.
    • Don’t over pack.
    • Save room and weight in luggage for souveniers.
    • Extra hangers if you need more than 10.
    • Old watch for your beach bag for excursions and stuff.
    • Don’t over pack. LOL
    • Beer Koozies, hard plastic cups fit well and stay cold.
    • Battery operated candles with incense for room.
    • Bendable straws.
    • Skintastic bug spray.
    • Flash light for late night walks.
    • OTC drugs, pack in plastic bags.
    • Hydrocortisone cream.
    • Small lense cleaning kit.
    • Conditioner for your hair.
    • Book(s)
    • Sunscreen and lots of it.
    • IPOD and charger.
    • Sunglasses.
    • Lip balm with sunscreen.
    • Beach bag, for your things while on the beach or at pool. Can also use as a carry on.
    • Bubble wrap to protect your alcohol on return trip.
    • Ketchup, if you are junkie. Jamaica ketchup is good but different.
    • Small sound machine for sleeping.
    • Insulated travel mug.
    • Pack shoes in zipper bags that sheet sets come in.
    • Dice cup with dice for playing bar dice.
    • Extra duffle bag in case your luggage is overweight.
    • A gym bag to be used as a safe in the room and with overweight luggage.
    • Batteries.
    • Neoprene bottle carriers for packing alcohol. CVS has them.
    • Rimmer spice for Ceasars in room.
    • Pouches of cat treats for local cats.
    • Power strip.
    • Small binoculars.
    • Small bills for tips outside the resort.
    • Travel fan.
    • Kleenex, resort provides but….
    • Nintendo DS.
    • Alcohol swabs with benzocaine.
    • Write a daily journal of your experiences.
    • Empty plastic shoe holder to be placed on bathroom door for sundries.
    • A downloaded movie on your IPhone.
    • Small bottle of dish soap.
    • Video recorder.
    • Several swim suits.
    • Bags for dirty clothes.
    • Plastic martini glasses that light up.
    • Small set of Christmas lights for balcony decoration or night light.
    • Calling cards
    • Shampoo
    • Less clothes.
    • Hershey’s chocolate for resort workers.
    • Photo memory, write names in sand, Jamaica and date. Take picture with your shadows of you and palm tree.
    • Noise cancelling headphones for flight.
    • Lounge chair cover with pockets.
    • Emergen-C packets for hangovers.
    • Garlic powder for bloodies.
    • Ear plugs
    • Walkie Talkies
    • Rimmer salt, Worchester & Tabasco.
    • Baby Powder
    • Water shoes or socks for excursions.
    • Snorkle gear.
    • Towel clips.
    • Febreeze.
    • Antacid.
    • Hats.
    • Deck of cards.
    • Moisturizer.
    • Travelling scale.
    • Dryer sheets for dryers.
    • Tripod.
    • Cash – small bills.
    • Custom/Immigration form cheat sheets.
    • Blow dryer if you need extra power.
    • Extension cord.
    • Put clothes in both pieces of luggage in case one is lost.
    • Camel pack.
    • Bring less stuff.
    • Night light.
    • Glasses, sun and reading.
    • Business cards to share with newly made friends.
    • Go to computer room and invite new friends on facebook.
    • Sandals.
    • School supplies for local schools and resort employee children.
    • Plug in air freshner.
    • Snorkle mask with rx lens.
    • Vinegar for fries.
    • Mountain dew.
    • Massage oil.
    • Photocopy passports, place in both pieces of luggage.
    • Crystal light.
    • Buy from vendors on resort.
    • Dish washing liquid for mugs.
    • Lanyard for key.
    • First aid kit.
    • Space saver bags for luggage.
    • Tervis cups.
    • Swimsuits in carry on.
    • Aloe.
    • International calling plan.
    • Eyeglass repair kit.
    • Shoes & Sandles are broken in.
    • Chocolate.
    • Snack food.
    • Reggae music.
    • Cover ups.
    • 3M adhesive hooks for room.
    • Less clothing.
    • Small binoculars.
    • Plastic hangers with attached clothespin.

    *added from original list*
    •Home town ball cap or tee shirt
    •Air freshener
    •Jet Bags
    •Surge Protector
    •A few strips of duct tape
    •lighted mirror
    •Bull Frog sunscreen/repellant
    •scent melt warmer
    •Zofran (for vomiting)
    •rolling papers
    •pump hand soap
    •Card's against Humanity
    •plastic shoe holder
    •external battery pack
    •Off fans
    •copy and email passport, license
    •moist lens wipes
    •floatable sunglasses cords
    •5-Hour Energy
    •small portable sewing kit
    •large trash bag
    CTI - 07, 10, 13, 15, 16, 18, 21

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    Really?! Mt. Dew? Duct tape? I’m overwhelmed. I was hoping someone had condensed the list, so we have more room for items we’d like to bring to donate.

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    benandmiranda, That is a long list but everyone has their own list, I just picked out what I thought we may need and might be too expensive to buy at the resort.

    Need items:
    Passport, license (I keep them on us and put a back up copy in the suitcase)
    pens (for forms blue or black)
    (I also keep a backup copy in an email just in case)
    Clothes ( you do have to wear something to eat
    Small bills to tip at the airport and the drivers. (ones and fives)

    Maybe want (maybe too expensive at resort:
    Meds like tylenol, immodium, antibiotic cream, benadryl etc ( I get the small ones at walmart for .88 cents)
    Sunscreen and aloe,
    sunglasses and/or hat
    water shoes (if your going to the falls its a good idea)

    Personal preference items:
    a filled out copy of the customs form (just so I already have the info to put on the one they give me)
    I did get a waterproof phone case and beach chair clips (very handy)
    insulated cup, I used mine, hubby really didn't.
    beach bag (I took a carry on that doubled as my beach bag, saves a little space)
    I do wear a tank from my home state because I have it and it fits in the

    I am sure you will think of your own items that are a "must have", Just remember to not overthink it too much, or overspend too much, (save it for buying something in Jamaica...) This is supposed to be relaxing. This is trip #2 for us and I wayyyy over packed last time, this time I am still overthinking but have 1/2 of what I did last time. Oh and a little "just in case" tip, I put each of us something to wear (swim suit and one outfit) in each others bag (and one for each of us in the carry on ) just in case his or mine or both luggage got lost or delayed.

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    Cheri-greg-wv, you’ve got it down! It’s simple. The resort will have anything else you need, really need, and why worry about packing everything and the kitchen sink? Trip #5 in May, and last time we were down to only one checked-bag, and one carry-on each. I still need to work on how many clothes and shoes to pack though, I still feel like I’m packing too much! We always go with resort credits too, and find ourselves with an abundance of Couples souvenirs, so we have to plan for extra space for the return trip. This time, with items to donate, it’ll be easier to allocate space for our purchases coming home.

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    I can see where many of these things on the lists could be useful, but after a LOT of trips to Jamaica we just find we are happier traveling as light as possible.
    If it were not for our enjoyment of the tennis programs we would just go Carry-On only.

    Our must haves are just enough clothing and bathing suits to get by. *** We pack light and then use Rewards $ to get some laundry done if we run short of clothing
    (*** I wear the long pants, nice shirt, and shoes I wore on the plane to Otaheite and to Repeater Dinner)
    My wife's sun dresses take up very little space and can be worn more than once.
    Our phones (serve as Ipods, Audible book players, alarm clock, and cameras) plus chargers.
    Ear Buds (because we hate when people play the music they like out of speakers on the beach!!!)
    A plastic bag with meds we travel with.
    Sun Block
    Tennis racquets and a can of balls (sometimes we bring older tennis racquets, play with them all week, and then leave them for donation to a kids program)
    Sun Glasses
    We sometimes bring Tervis Tumblers for water on the beach but generally don't ask bartenders to fill them.
    Recently I bring a Jet Bag or two with fine craft beers from home to enjoy in my favorite place!

    some of the lists are a little too complicated for me to enjoy traveling. But to each their own! Bring what you want on vacation!

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