This is an awesome thread! Got a lot of great ideas for our July trip to CN. Just a couple things I thought I would share...

I just bought a bendy flexible tripod (I wanted one anyway) found one for $17 online...I like to set the timer and take shots of us before going out for dinner - well on our trip to CSA in 2007, I had the camera on top of the TV cabinet and BAM! it fell to the floor (the HARD TILE floor!) and it was our 1st or 2nd night so the camera was all jacked up the rest of the trip but still got some good pics.

I always take a photocopy of our passports and make sure a copy of one or both are in all suitcases. Read that somewhere and always do it.

Gals - I just got some tinted lip balm with SPF from MARK (Avon) and i really like it and am going to get another color! Guess I am girly...I need some color on my lips or I look either dead or 12 years old

75 days to CN!! OH and I am definitely going to try the Ting and Vodka!!