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    Shout wipes for the stain you don't want to get set in before you can get home to do laundry and some Woolite or detergent for doing laundry by hand, as it washes out easier that tide or regular laundry detergent.

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    Gonna bump this up again just in case there is one more thing that hasn't been mentioned.....6 days & counting down! LOVE this post! Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions, everyone!

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    If anyones worried...there are scales at the Jamaican airport to weigh your luggage before you check it.
    Also I saw someone asked about cats - I saw a couple of cats (one was a momma with 4 babies - CUTE). I was told they are helpful for rodent/lizard control.

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    these are GREAT suggestions that will come in handy. Thanks to all of you for taking time to share your experiences to help us newbies.

    2 weeks, 3 days and 22 hours til we are on our way! YAYAY!!

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    We went to CSA in January and didn't notice any sand fleas - is there a certain time of the year when they are wicked?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunlover View Post
    We bring our own insulated travel mugs when we're laying out since the resort's cups are the small plastic ones. They keep your drinks cool and ice doesn't melt as fast. Also, we bring cheap "blow up" floats to float in the ocean and then leave them with some other guests upon check out. It makes their day ..
    I did not realize you could bring your own insulated mugs. I thought I read somewhere that this was not allowed????????

    anyone know the rule on this. WE are getting married in a year and I wanted to add these in the Out of Town Bags

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    Per the FAQ:

    Should we bring large insulated mugs?

    Drinks are to be served in glasses or cups provided by Couples Resorts (Management on October 12, 2004 restated this policy). The glasses at the bars are standard size that you would get in the States.
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    Default Negril Map

    This only applies to Negril, but we take this map with us. Very helpful if you go off the resorts on your own.

    Don't leave "home" without it!
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    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    We dive to 130 ft and have a sea and sea we love

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    I would add just one tip to all the above. Along with the pen you take for the customs form, make a little cheat sheet (post it note works nice) with both your passport numbers and flight numbers for both arrival and departure. It makes filling out the customs form on the plane a no brainer; which I like alot.

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    Default Collapsable Cooler

    My husband brought a collapsable cooler with us on vacation one time and I made fun of him. I told him you can't take the country out of a boy or the boy out of the country.

    Oh well, it was a great idea. The cooler packs great because it does collapse to take up no room at all in your suitcase.

    You know beer always gets hot while in the sun, even when you get the ones from the bar. We put the beers, cokes, water etc. from the in-room fridge in the cooler and then went to the ice machine and iced it down. Popped on a couzzi and then we were good to sit there all day! NICE... and always a cold beverage.

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    Default Post note

    Quote Originally Posted by Cape Cod Sue View Post
    I would add just one tip to all the above. Along with the pen you take for the customs form, make a little cheat sheet (post it note works nice) with both your passport numbers and flight numbers for both arrival and departure. It makes filling out the customs form on the plane a no brainer; which I like alot.
    Great suggestion!

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    I'm curious about this as well. Any advice is appreciated!

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    We are taking two disposable underwater cameras. Last minute idea.

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    Please dont stop the thread. We are preparing to go tot CTI Oct 18-25 '10... any more useful information on what i havn't thought of is greatly appreciated!!!!

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    The disposable cameras are nice but photo quality was not the greatest for the snorkelling and diving that I did. There are two underwater digital cameras out there that are not that much. They are point and clicks. good to 10 and 33 ft. below water. I thought someone had a 50 ft. model as well. Hopefully for our next trip next summer. I don't want to spend a ton on a housing for my SLR.

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    Default UW Camera

    Quote Originally Posted by The2ofus View Post
    Boy I wish I'd seen that link for the UW camera case before. They have an excellnt one for my Canon powershot that I located for 54.00. That's a sweet price. We bought a cheep digital camera and Underwater case for 50. recently (Good to 50 ft)....wish I hadn't now.
    Anyone wanna buy an UW camera? Make me an offer.Here is the same one on Amazon
    Tell me how much you want for it. I am heading to CSA Sept 27th. I think that is something I could use. Let me know or call me 845-222-0904 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting845-222-0904end_of_the_skype_highlighting...Thanks, Kevin

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    For the ladies..... the rooms do have blow dryers but to be honest they are small not very powerful at all. So if you have a lot of hair or thick hair it takes forever to blow dry... and I would spend so much time blow drying and sweating my butt off doing it I felt like I needed another shower when I was done. So I bring my own blow dryer. Something to consider for those with a lot of hair.

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    If I remember correctly, from a "packing list" thread, that and light weight extension cord comes in handy at CN. The batrooms don't have outlets in them?
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    We just arrived home. Here is what I took from all these suggestions and my feedback. Everyone is different so you may not need some of the stuff:
    Conditioner-a must after being in water
    Tums- we did not have any problems as a PP had mentioned, but glad we took them just in case.
    Crystal Light-Did not use. We never got tired for drinking water or fruit juice or mixed drinks. Someone mentioned the sweetness of drinks and their drinks are very sweet but I just asked for a glass of 1/2 juice and 1/2 water.
    Koozies-used once. Guess we drink our drinks fast enough
    Water socks- a must for Dunn's River, but you can also buy/rent at the resort gift shop
    After Sun Gel- I took just a small bottle b/c someone mentioned it being in the room. I never had any left in the room, but purchased at the gift shop when I ran out and it was only $5.
    Insulated mugs-we did not take, but since there has been so much discussion thought I would mention. I only saw one couple with the cups and did see a bartender fill-up. I think it is best to leave them at home and not ask the bartenders to do something they are told not to do.

    I think that is it! We had a great time and would go back tomorrow if we could

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    Danag, thanks for your feedback! SO excited... we leave Sunday. With what seems like non-stop 100+ degree days here in TX I can't wait for the cooler temps in Jamaica.

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    Danag - forgot to ask - did you feel the need for bug spray? Thanks!

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    Do you need to bring beach towels? I've heard that some resorts have them for you to use, but I wasn't sure if I should buy some and pack them. We're booking our first trip to CSA in November!!

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    I took an insulated coffee cup last visit and plan on doing that again this December. I would fill up at the self-serve coffee machine at the grill or while checking email in the computer room. Saved me lots of time and energy, lol.

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    oh good idea! candles!

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