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    Leaving for our 30th anniversary at CSA in 2 days!! So excited, we've never done anything like this, but, I'm panicking over shoes. 1 or 2 of the restaurants say "no flip flops". Does that include dressier heeled flops??? That's all I have (

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    Heading To CSA in 45 days! Been going there since 2009 and can not wait to go again!! Here are some things besdies the generals that i think are a must for your trip.
    Citronella candle- I have one lit in the room or on the balcony and I feel it helps a lot...for some reason those buggers really like my legs and feet!
    Hydrocortisone cream and bug spray
    Pens for customs
    Small bills
    Chapstick and lots of Sunblock- We brought 3 bottles and used it all( Its spendy in the gift shop so bring your own)
    Extra Swimsuits- I bring a travel size of detergent, and rinse my swimsuit every night even if I dont plan on wearing it again that trip, the salt is killer for your cute lil bikini and if left gets smelly.
    Dice is fun to play at the bar with new friends
    Something you want to have painted- Raybel is a local painter who comes to the resort twice during the week and does some awesome stuff. This time we are bringing plain hats to have him paint for our boys.
    A beach bag is a must
    Ladies, Dont forget your cute lil outfits for special nights with your hubby
    Be ready to relax and have a great time!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tilly View Post
    Ladies, Dont forget your cute lil outfits for special nights with your hubby
    Be ready to relax and have a great time!!!
    Hey I'm offended, Why can't us guys take our cute lil outfits for those special nights with the wifey, .

    Is good Mon!

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    I obsessively studied this thread for months, very, very helpful. I do have 2 things to add. Moist lens wipes for your sunglasses. I couldn't keep sunscreen off of mine. Also, floatable sunglasses cords. Saved us twice! Found them in the fishing dept at Walmart.

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    Lots of good info here!

    It's been mentioned a couple of times to make copies of your passport, which is a great tip... When I travel out of country, I scan my birth certificate, drivers license, and passport, then I email them to myself so they can be accessed from anywhere that has a computer with internet access.

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    Is there a way to print this entire thread so I can just highlight the ones I want to remember? This is awesome but so overwhelming!!

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    Normally I don't read this post because I think over the years that I have everything I need.............however, I did pick up several new suggestions. Thanks !

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    highlight and copy this. mark527 was kind enough to put the list together for us.
    Quote Originally Posted by mark527 View Post
    Holy Crap! Wifey and I usually go for a week. I got a feeling that it would take me longer than a week to assemble all that"stuff". My back hurts just thinking about carrying all that "stuff". Everything on this list seems like a good idea but only allowed one suitcase and one carry on each. My wife would bring all this "stuff" if possible. She says I would live for a week out of a plastic grocery bag if she let me. She`s probably right. Either way, it`s all good because Couples is Paradise. 295 days til home again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ggirl40 View Post
    Is there a way to print this entire thread so I can just highlight the ones I want to remember? This is awesome but so overwhelming!!
    Near the top of the posts there is a link titled "Thread Tools". Click on that and you'll see a choice that says, "Show Printable Version".

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    Our first trip to CN is coming up. Can anyone tell me if there are screens on the windows or doors in the rooms? Getting excited!!!

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    Instead of burning a citronella candle, I like the Off fans. They are small and work really well. Just place it on the table or near you while on the balcony.
    One Love,

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    Thank you so much. We are so excited!! Thanks for all the great ideas!!

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    One of the best tips on this thread somewhere way back was to have small plastic bags for shoes. It kept them nicely in pairs whilst at CN and on the way back stopped all that sand in the suitcase problem.

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    I suggest bringing an external battery pack that can be used to charge cell phones, cameras, ipads, etc... I have seen these from about the size of a permanent marker to about the size of a very small paperback book. I have the book sized one, and I can use it to fully charge my devices 3-4 times. This comes in very handy while you are on your flights or waiting for lay overs. No more searching for a wall outlet to plug in!

    These are pretty affordable also. Typically 20 -30 dollars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OzyHeather View Post
    Our first trip to CN is coming up. Can anyone tell me if there are screens on the windows or doors in the rooms? Getting excited!!!
    There are no screens at the rooms at CN. The bathroom has a shutter style window with no screen, and the balcony/patio door is a sliding glass door with no screen. Hope this helps!
    CN 6/12
    CN 7/13
    Next Trip ???

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    Thank you!!

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    I'm going to pull this forward...great thread.

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    60 sleeps til who-will-then-be-my-bride and I arrive at CSA for our first Couples and Jamaican experience. Cannot wait! Have gotten so many good ideas from this thread...bumping for fresh exposure!

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    Bump...a must read.

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    Beer Mats to stop the "dripping on your clothes" issues with cold drinks.

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    OTC Meds
    Another vote for packing any OTC meds you might need - and to pack enough for all travelers for your entire stay (one dose of tummy med won't help you if you need it for a few days). The price for these things we take for granted here in the States is truly sky-high plus they are not always the brands you are used to. Better to be safe and bring it than not. I wound up having to spend a small fortune on cream for bug bites.

    Sunscreen (seems obvious, but...)

    Another one to bring way more than you think you will need- you will use it. We underestimated how many times a day we would be reapplying given you are in that beautiful water so much (well at least we always are!). Even though we thought we had a lot, we ran out about halfway through our trip and thankfully we used some of our resort credit to purchase more (also very expensive). Also, consider bringing a few types of SPF. Start out with the strongest and work your way down if you haven't seen the sun for a bit.

    Ziplock Bags

    Already mentioned, but we bought a ton in different sizes. In addition to previously mentioned storage for wet items and protection from leaking items, we also used them to store snacks for our room and ensure no bugs came after it. Also on our last day we packed up some chicken patties from the grill at CSA (wrapping them in paper towels first) and put in a ziplock to enjoy at the airport with a red stripe before taking off - one last treat before we left!

    Nalgene or other Large Water Bottle

    Having a large water bottle that can hold a lot of water was a lifesaver for us while out in the sun. Helped to make sure we were staying hydrated with all of the drinks as well. Seems silly, but if we were just relying on little cups of water here and there I know we would have been in rough shape. The sun and alcohol dries you out quicker than you think - so don't forget to keep drinking water! We would have bartenders give us a few glasses of ice first, and then top off with one glass of water (they can't fill up your own container directly).

    Clothing and Downy Wrinkle Spray
    Every traveler is different, but for us on our first trip we didn't wind up wearing most of the "night" outfits we packed. Daytime was spent exclusively in bathing suits and cover ups, of which we thankfully bought multiples (for our next trip I plan on bringing even more of these). Some people really love dressing up for dinner, etc. but we found that you can still meet the dress codes with simpler outfits such as nice sun dresses, linen pants, etc. We always roll our clothes to reduce chance of wrinkles and give us more space in the suitcase (vs. folding) and we never travel without a small bottle of Downy's wrinkle release spray to avoid having to iron...because, you know you are ON VACATION.

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    Random... But last time we were at CSA I thought the breakfast room service/mini bar menus were hard to fill out with a pen so I think this time I'll bring a sharpie.

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    Great thread.....Still reading, ..... Still trying to figure out from everyone if mosquitos are a big problem or not? I'll take a Thermacell if I need to.

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    I've never had an issue with Mosquito's at CSS and they love me here at home!

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    For me it wasn't the mosquitoes but the sand fleas that got me- but they get me anywhere, not just in Jamaica. They are worst after the rain and at dusk down by the water's edge (which sadly is my favorite time to walk the beach). For our trip "home" to CSA next year I plan on loading up on Vitamin B (mentioned in other threads), bringing Avon's skin so soft bug spray (you have to make sure it's the bug spray not just the original), some spray with 100% deet as back-up, and visiting my allergist in advance to see if there is something else I can do to prepare/treat if bit. But I am in the minority of people who have reactions to these bites (the bugs just love me, but my body just hates them back). My husband didn't get a single bite on him.

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