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    Default CSA Onion Rings :-)

    Does anyone know if they have the delicious onion rings back at the Cabana Grill at CSA?! They didn't have them last year and we really missed them! Hoping they are back again for our afternoon munchies!

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    They had them in June! Yum!

    We booked for CSS next December. I had a hard time deciding and one of the reasons is that I wanted those onion rings from CSA. Anyone know if they have them at CSS? They are not listed on the grill menu.

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    Did not have them in Dec of 08.

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    I hope they are there this December. They are one of the many delights on my very long list of must-eats!

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    We were there last week. They are not on menu but they are available, just ask.

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    They were not on the menu, but I asked for them (October 2009) and they fried up a great batch for us. YUM is right.

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    They had them in January 09 and we ate far too many!

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    Was there last week and the Cabana Grill did have onion rings. They were good!

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    Default Yes!!

    I woke up at CSA this morning and they most certainly had them. They did not have them this same week last year. Unfortunately I am going to bed tonight in Omaha. Booo.

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    They had them at the Cabana Grill in Aug/Sept.
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    Hope you took a jacket with you, it is chilly in Omaha today!

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    We were there 10/31 - 11/5 and we had Onion Rings almost every day! I ordered them instead of fries with the Jerk Chicken.

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