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    Thursday, then Friday and Saturday...........Sunday morning before daylight we will be on our flight to CN. This is the only one of the 4 Couples Resorts we have not visited yet. Although we did get off the bus there one year by accident on our way to CSA! Man, did they ever grab that champagne glass from my hubby's hand in a hurry when the bus driver shouted for us to get back on the bus!!! We had quite a laugh about that, but this time,he should be able to finish that champagne!

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    Same for us, can't wait for Sunday!!!!

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    12 for me!

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    Same here! My husband and I are on pins and needles!! Our first time in Jamaica and we are so excited.

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    I hope ALL of you have a wonderful time!!!

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    Same here, but we're headed to CTI...hope you all have a WONDERFUL vacation!!!!

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    You will LOVE it. It doesn't take long to become an addict. This is our 4th time to Jamaica and couples resorts. I hope to get to go every year! Are you also going to Couples Negril on the 15th? We fly from St. Louis to Charlotte then on to MOBay and should be there by 12:30pm.

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    Down to counting hours...............16 to go.

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