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    I was in negril jamaica about 2 yrs ago. I am going back for my wedding on 12/7/09. I have not scuba dived since my last trip to negril 2 yrs ago. does anyone know the time frame between dives @ csa so I don't have to take a refresher course. I believe if you haven't dived in a certain amount of time the resort makes you take a refresher course.

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    1 year I believe. When my husband and I returned to CSA last December he hadn't dove in 15 months so he had to prove his skills with Anthony.
    Sharon "gravysgal"

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    Hi jpoggen1,
    My husband and I did our certification at CSA last year and returned Oct. 18th of this year. We did the refresher on the first morning, as much for us as for any requirement there may have been.
    I read in an earlier post that it is required to refresh if you haven't done a dive in a while, and there may be a PADI refresher quiz as well. I'm sure you can find posts about this using the search feature of the MB. I found one thread from Oct. 12th that talks about the refresher requirements I mentioned above.
    Hope that helps,

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    we were just at csa in october. i hadn't done a dive in 14 months, they did a quick skills test to verify my abilities. the stated time frame for refresher course required is 12 months.

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    Did you have to pass a swim test? I heard you need to swim 200 meters without stopping, is this true?

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    I completed the refresher an CN -- no swim test, no written test, just skills in the pool (the one by the dive hut). We did, however, however to pay $50 for the refresher. It was about 60 minutes.

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