Hi everyone,

I booked our flights to MBJ & back in July. I had picked seat preferences , but those preferences have been listed as "Pending" ever since. I checked the flights with the airline's site, and got a little nervous to see at least one of the seats I had previously picked had been taken.

So, tonight I went to the airline's site again & punched in our info to look up our reservation. I actually did not expect it to appear since we booked via a third party, but the info came up. Our flights were showing up as no seats assigned, so I was able to immediately choose our seats. We had to change seats on one flight, but no biggie. I'm just SO glad I was able to confirm the reservation AND the seats directly with the airline!

Just some advice on all of this...try to make sure your seats are confirmed with the airline. I'd hate anyone to wait til the last minute thinking they reserved seats with a third party, just to find out that the airline has no seats for them! That would be awful.