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    Default Is this tour worth it?

    I will be visiting CSA in Dec and plan on taking a tour to the Black River, Y's Falls and Appleton Rum. It is listed as an all day tour. I would appreciate info from anyone who has taken this tour. Road conditions? Book the tour through the hotel or through a private driver?

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    Niecy, Come and join us on the December 2009 Meet-up thread and meet some people that will be at CSA when you arrive. maybe they will go on the tour with you.

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    WE went on this tour last year it was a lovely full day out, and you got to see some lovely parts of the island,the road conditions were OK, a lttle scary in places but nothing to bad, and it did not spoil the day at all, the black river trip was certainly worth the long drive,the Appleton tour was interesting especially the rum tasting at the end!!!! but be warned some the rum was cheaper to but at the airport ( well it was last november)Ys falls were a sight to see.
    Please take the trip i do not think you will be dissappointed and we booked this through the hotel.
    Anyway whatever you decide to do, have a lovely trip to couples.

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    Whether you book your excursion thru the resort or use an off resort service it is entirely up to you. A group of us booked our excursion months in advance. We saved some $$$ as a group booking and had a few added extras.

    Is the Black River Safari and YS Falls excursion worth it?
    We felt it was worth the time spent.
    Appleton Estates is only open on certain days of the week.

    Road conditions I thought were pretty good for Jamaica.

    It takes about 1.5 hours to get to the south coast so when you plan your time away from the resort plan on a day long adventure.

    If you want some pictures:

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    Book at the hotel, you will be picked up in a van similar to the one you take from the airport. The roads are a little rough and scary in some spots (I had to close my eyes a couple of times), but it is worth it for sure. We had breaksfast at the resort and lunch was provided with the tour and we were back by 5:00 p.m. for dinner. We did the zip line while at YS Falls and it was a lot of fun, we also rented tubs and went down the river.

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    We booked that tour through the tour desk at CN last year, and very much enjoyed ourselves. The tours were fun, but we also very much enjoyed seeing the towns outside of Negril while traveling in the van. The roads were fine -- a little bumpy towards the YS Falls, but otherwise no problems. YS Falls was a little different than I had anticipated -- I thought we would be able to climb and wade in the falls, but you actually climb beside them on a stairway. The Black River was beautiful, and the crocs were pretty awesome. They came right up to the boat! I very much enjoyed the Appleton Rum tour, and would probably go back again. At the end of the tour you actually get to sample all the rums (including the rum creams) -- no limit!

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    Default Is this tour worth it?

    Hi Niecy,
    We did that tour 2 years ago, while staying at CN. It was a good day out and yes it is a full day away from the hotel.
    Some of the roads were quite steep,but that covers alot of the local roads, otherwise just a long day.
    We booked the tour through our tour company. I would be inclined to book through the hotel. That way you will know that the drivers are covered by insurance.
    Please be aware that that the climb at the falls is fairly steep but handrails are provided. You will see people ziplining while you are there.
    At the end of the visit to the Appleton Rum factory you get to sample some of their products, about 12 of them. THIS PART OF THE TOUR IS WELL WORTH IT!
    Should get some sleep on the way back, after 6 samples my wife did.
    No matter what you do just chill and enjoy.
    Caroline & Tony

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    what if you wanted to go but the people you want to go with re at diffrent there a place to book it so we could all go together?

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    Thanks to all who responded to my querie!!! I feel confident about the tour now.

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    some say that this tour also includes the pelican bar? Can that also be factored into the tour?

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