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    Default Saving for next year?

    We just got back from Couples,Negril last month,and Im soooooo wanting to go back again next year!!!Im trying to figure out just how much to put aside every month so we can do this.Im going insane thinking about it all the time...I cant wait to go back again!!!Is anyone else like this after being there for the first time?
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    as far as figuring out take the total cost of your last trip and divide by 11 that should give you a ball park number what to save for next year ... there you go

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    Nope, EVERYONE !

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    Why not book under the loveaway plan? $100 deposit and $100 per month on your credit card. You can also specify how much they take if you want to pay more. You can also put a $400 dollar deposit and pay the balance 45 days out. That way, other than purchasing flights you know exactly what you will have to save.

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    Yes, most people on this message board feel the same way. Try the Love Away Plan through Couples if you can swing it.
    There is no unhappiness like the misery of sighting land (and work) again after a cheerful, careless voyage ~Mark Twain

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    Yep, do the Loveaway Plan. Then if you have any extra, call Couples and have it added, then the balance won't be that big at the end.

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    You are now officially a Couplesholic. You can't get the place out of your system and the only cure is for you to go back. There was a thread on here at one time where everyone told about how they saved money to go back. It was very interesting. I cut back on everything. Every time we don't go out to eat, I put that money back. Everytime I wanted to buy a dress and didn't, I put that money back. It adds up over a year's time. It's fun to do it too because you know what the end result will be. Paradise

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    Put on your seatbelt and enjoy the ride..... we are soon returning for our 15th trip to Couples and feel the same way each and every time vacation is over.... just can't stop thinking about getting back there....
    No great tips on the saving part - just try to figure out what you are willing to cut or reduce from your normal routine (less dinners out or less gift exchanging) that will free up more funds to enable you to keep returning...I know it's pretty basic advice but it works....
    In the meantime, enjoy the memories...
    Art xo Francine

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    Wow. Art and Frnacinne. 15 times. We are going for our first time in 2 days. Soooooo excited. Do you return to the same Couples eact time, or do you go to all of them?

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    Well,I am going to try my hardest to save for next October again!!!Everytime I have a few extra bucks,it will be going into the COUPLES right..cant get it out of my mind at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maryrnp View Post
    Wow. Art and Frnacinne. 15 times. We are going for our first time in 2 days. Soooooo excited. Do you return to the same Couples eact time, or do you go to all of them?
    Hi Mary, our first two trips were to COR in '84 and '85 (now CTI) then we tried other islands, kept returning to Jamaica but tried that "other" place a bunch of times.... then we stayed in Negril in '95 and '96 right next door to CN at GLN, CN wasn't even there yet.... went back to COR 2 more times... and then in Nov'04 we discovered CN - and since then we've never gone anywhere else - #11 to CN soon come...
    We hope you have a wonderful time in Paradise
    Art xo Francine

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    you think it is bad after your first time......wait until after the next is worse, but not as bad as it is after the third time which is not as bad as it is after the fourth trip. It keeps getting worse, at least for us and I am sure for many others, it is the same way. You will also begin to notice that you want longet trips. We started out going just 6 nights, then seven, then stretched to nine, and have booked next summer for ten nights..... I wonder if we will ever find our limit?? Monetarily, yes, but satisfaction wise...probably not!!! The Love A Way Plan is really good. I booked that way as soon as we got back this year and when my balance comes due, about 35-40% of our trip will be paid for and the great thing is that I will never miss that money.

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    Wow...thats too funny!!Im so glad that somethings not wrong with me...and everyone seems to be affected like this.LOL For he love away plan,do they tack on $100.00 per month to your credit card?Im not sure how it works.

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    I am already thinking about our next trip and we have not even been to Couples yet! We hit CSA for the first time in 7 days!

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