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    Default Trading Places to CSS, is it worth it?

    Just wondering if it is worth it for us to take a day and do the trading places to CSS? We will be spending a lot of time diving and this is our first trip to CN (we were married at COR) and also like the au naturel area so I'm not sure what CSS has to offer us? Anyone?

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    If you are at CN, you would do the day pass at CSA. And, YES, you should go check it out. It is awesome at CSA and a completely different resort than CN. Since this perk is included you should take advantage of it and have some fun down the beach at CSA. Have a blast!

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    Yes, the Trading Places program is worth it if you want to see the other resort. However, you can't trade places to CSS from CN. You can only trade places from a Negril resort to a Negril resort or an Ocho Rios resort to an Ocho Rios resort. If you are sytaying at CN, your only choice is CSA.
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    Sorry guys, I meant CSA not CSS.

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    It's "worth it" because it's included - so it's just a few hours of your time spent.

    You also don't have to stay from 10-4 , you can head back to your resort any time. A Route Taxi is about $2-3 each....

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    I would just to check it out.
    Irie Mon

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    FOR SURE GO!!! If you get there and want to go back to CN it's only an $10 cab ride but I bet you won't want to leave at all! Alright all CN people get ready to slap me silly I liked CSA just a bit better!
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