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    Default CSA - Extra Large Beachfront Suite?

    So I came across this set of pictures ( which shows a beachfront suite (#2128) at CSA which is an old section room but yet there is a tub in the bathroom. Also the bed is on a angle and there is a "living room" section. I can find no mention of this type of room on the website, so what's the deal? Is this an old type of room which they have gotten rid of?

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    Hi redsgj,
    Yes, I believe this room type is still there. I'm just pretty sure the room number isn't 2128, as noted in the photo album. I looked at a map I have for CSA with the room numbers on them and this room would be in building 27, which would absolutely not have the view they had. If you look at the verandah pictures, they're very close to the watersports area, which I believe puts them in building 35, 36 or 37. I wonder if anyone else knows with more certainty?
    I think it's just the way the buildings are situated on the property and these corner rooms have a slightly different layout.

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    Hi Terri_Steve

    You are right. 2128 is not a beachfront suite, it is an Atrium. We were in it in Feb 2008.


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    There are a couple of Beach Front Suites like this with the extra large patio. I don't know the room numbers.

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    I think the room number for that beachfront suite is 1228 or 1227. And since it was originally posted as 2128 I"m guessing 1228 is the correct number.

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    Maybe it's #2129? (I think that is a beach front suite). Not totally sure but we stayed in #2136 beach front suite with the extra large patio and it's awesome. It has an open shower instead of tub but it's our favorite.

    Kevin & Angie

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    Default I think it's room 1128

    Hi -

    I think this room is 1128, in building 35. It's very close to Water Sports - see the Hobie cats on the beach? I think we stayed in this room in December 2008. I remember the big traveler's palm in front. They have the beach party directly in front of this part of the resort, so it's a great location.

    Several of the Beachfront Suite buildings only have 3 rooms in them - 2 upstairs and 1 big one downstairs. You can't reserve a particular room, but it's great if you end up with one.

    In March of 2008, the bathtubs would have been there, but they remodeled I believe all of the BFS bathrooms into huge showers now.

    Here's an "after remodel" pic of this bathroom:

    I hope the attachment comes through.

    There should be a map of CSA buildings which shows the BFS with 3 rooms somewhere on here. Maybe do a search for it.

    We enjoyed them, but they do have their drawbacks. If you get one with a footpath beside it, you hear people walking and talking into the night, as there is no glass on the windows - just shutters and screens. The music from the Palms was also a bit distracting. I'm not a sound enough sleeper to like that.

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    We were in 2130 back in August. The pics of our room are just like the ones shown on the website. I'd love that room w/ the tub!

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    usually the second number in the room number indicates the floor number. so it could be 2128 or 9.


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    Default Aren't pics of first floor?

    Hi Randy,

    I thought it was 1128 because the Flikr photos show it as a first floor room - see the one of him sitting on the steps?


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