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    Default Changing CSA Reservation?

    Okay, I'm booked for a Garden Verandah Suite for May 22-29... I'm now thinking that I'd like to change my reservation to an Atrium Suite, if it's available. My only reason for wanting the GVS was because of the mini-bar and the TV, but the more I think about it, the more I realize: 1) how much can we really drink? We can walk off some calories and grab something at the bar if need be. 2) I don't need a TV in a tropical locale; I was just thinking of the Hubs...and he doesn't seem to care about it either.

    So my question is: Can we rebook an Atrium Suite and apply what we've already paid on our Love Away Plan to the new reservation? Is there a fee for changing??

    Thanks in advance...I've realized that booking a trip almost a year in advance gives me too much time to be indecisive!

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    Yes, you can. I did it last month when I had to make a date change. No problem at all.

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    The only charge you would have to pay is the price difference in the room. The only challenge is whether the Atrium suite is available the dates you're travelling.

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    I'm sure it won't be a problem, as long as there is availability.

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