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    Default OMG He wants a Speedo! HELP!!!

    Ok, so the hubby dropped this bombshell on me tonight. He wants a speedo for our trip to CTI. Good grief!
    I'll admit he has the figure for it, goes to the gym regularly and all that. My question is, do I get him the conventional type or one of these new style ones? For any of you that watch the show Brothers and Sisters, the new hunk Luke was wearing a speedo type suit last week that was more of a short short. Now my hubby does not look anything like Luke (Damn!!) but the one he wore was a little more modest. Anyone have advice? Santa is supposed to deliver this.

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    LOL I feel for ya sister! The good news is that your hubby has the figure for it and the even better news is that it doesn't matter what you wear at go ahead and get him that new speedo! Better yet, make a trip to the island and see if that is even better.....

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    Buy him one. It's Jamaica and who really cares. I have wore one when we have been there, even though my gut was a little to large. They are comfortable and what I like is they dry fast. When you get out of water, there is no clinging material which takes forever to dry. I didn't care what other people thought. I felt comfortable. Who knows, maybe when you see him on the beach, in your eyes, he may look better than Luke. Now, if he wanted a thong, that would be different. LOL.

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    Get him the more up to date Speedo. They look like boy shorts/underwear. I would love it if my husband was a bit more adventurous and wanted to wear something sexy like that. Good for him!

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    Save money on the suit, go to the Island. lol sorry I haven't found anyone who looks good in a Speedo not matter how in shape they are.

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    I stick with board shorts, but then again, I would look better out of a speedo then shoved in one and trust me, neither are looks I would go for personally and for the benefit of mankind. HA HA!

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    Okay... first step: go to www aussiebum . com

    My recommendation, if you want to have something with a bit more cloth, look at the "70's" suits. I happened to have just bought myself the dark grey and light gray one. It feels like neoprene/wetsuit type material.

    Otherwise, there are plenty of other adventurous suits on that site for him. I'm sure you'll enjoy your shopping experience since aussiebum takes photos and video of every suit on a hunky model in every color..

    I haven't worn my aussiebum swimsuit yet other than trying it on.. but I have a bunch of their underwear, it's nice stuff!

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    Default Get'em the speedo shorts

    I don't know where you live but in Miami, the guys are wearing the speedo shorts more often than ever before. My hubby has them and wore them at CSA a couple weeks ago. We talked about how we could almost tell where men were from based on the suit. Remember those long board shorts are always "hiked up" anyway.

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    My hubby always jokes he is going to take a "banana hammock" too. LOL!
    Tell him to take one that is hot pink and thong style.

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    it could be worse - he could be after a mankini...

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    Either will be OK at CTI. As for wearing it somewhere else, maybe the short shorts. My husband has the short shorts and they are fine. You do not see the speedo briefs much anymore.

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    When I was competing in triathlons and duathlons in the 90's I always wore a speedo. I think I have a few of them around the house. Maybe I'll see if they still fit and wear one at CSA later this month. If it feels good -do it! Who cares what anyone else thinks.

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    Buy the Speedo. There is a reason most Speedo wearer wear them. They are far more comfortable than any baggie shorts. In a water, the baggies fill with air and make you look stupid and constantly let out little puffs of air sending bubbles to the surface making it look like you are....well you know. Then when you get out of the water, they are cold and stick to your legs in a strange way. I wear speedos and could careless what people think about it. Hey....He will be in Jamaica!!! If you really love him, you will do the right thing.

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    Default Uggg

    I just threw up in my mouth a little. Just kidding. While the thought of a male in a speedo isn't very appealing it's all about you enjoying your vacation. I wouldn't worry what others think. Couples are going to be into each other and the excellent resort and really don't care what suits others are wearing. IMHO. So have fun!

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    i would suggest you pack along 1 potatoe just for the added visual... whether you man needs it or not it can NEVER hurt

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    Go to this site and check out the suite they have
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    I'm thinking of wearing a speedo myself. Of course, I won't have anyone within a 100 yards of me wherever I'm hanging out, as folks will be running for dear life (even Rosa), but that's besides the point.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    makes sure he puts the potato in the front, lol!

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    My dearest Marnie!!

    He is just getting you back for the "topless" episode at CSA!!! Let him wear it, you and I will sit and have drink after drink and pretty soon it won't matter

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    Steve and Linda
    Make sure he puts the potatoe in the FRONT

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    Buy your hubby both and let him wear what he wants. The shorty shorts one day and the grape smuggler the next. Tell him he looks great in whatever he wears and he will love ya for it. If he really doesn't look that great, have a few extra shots of Appleton and he will look like Fabio soon enough! Then you both will have a great time.

    Relax and enjoy. Life is too short!

    PS. Just don't let him waterski in the speedos. When you fall it seems to hurt more! (Could be a romance breaker on a special getaway.)

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    You guys are killing me! I haven't laughed this hard in a long long time.
    Today I went and bought him a pair of the TYR short shorts in black. I don't have a lot of faith in this itty bitty thing keeping his "junk" in place. It seems kind of flimsy to me. NO lining or anything.
    I figure to get him 2 more suits for the trip ( I take 12 bikinis so 3 seems fair lol) wrap them up and include a copy of this thread. We will have a good laugh on Christmas morning!
    Thanks so much everyone!


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    Oh, I had better put a potato in the box too!

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    TY so much for the info on Aussiebum! They have great looking stuff and I just ordered 3 for him!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron & Rosa 25 View Post
    I'm thinking of wearing a speedo myself. Of course, I won't have anyone within a 100 yards of me wherever I'm hanging out, as folks will be running for dear life (even Rosa), but that's besides the point.
    Please refrain from hanging out! (I know, hahaha. I couldn't resist!)

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