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    Only 8 working days left and CSA here we come!! Something strange is happening to me though. Yesterday after lunch I noticed I had a small stain on my blouse so I grabbed my "Tide Stick" to get it it out, only to realize, after it wasn't working, I was using my highlighter pen..NOT the Tide Stick. What an idiot! Then this morning, ready for work, wearing my socks as not to ruin my carpeted stairs with my hard boots. Came down the stairs to the last step, my sock slipped off the edge and I fell hard onto the tile floor. Pysically, I'll be fine, maybe a few bruises that will hopefully heal before our trip, but mentally....what's happening to me? I am sure it has everything to do with the mush that is starting to happen in my brain in anticipation of my trip to CSA. I hear things happen in 3's.....what's next?!?

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    I think my husband is right along with you. He hurt his knee and elbow about a week and half ago and two days ago pulled his back and is in pain....if you see someone dragging a guy along who looks like he is in pain.....its ME. We WILL be there for the flight from Charlotte on 11/22. I know he wants to go but I would have preferred fewer injuries....hurt back might hurt "playtime"

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    Love this thread!! I have been a mess since I wasn't able to return home last year, we have 64 days to go, heck, by then, I won't be able to string a sentence together!!!

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    My husband broke his toe by kicking the bedroom wall 2 days before our last Jamaican trip, discovered it hurt when we got there! Over-excitement!

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