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    Hi everyone. New to the message board. We will be going to CTI in a few weeks. Are there ATM's in the resort or would we need to bring cash with us? Also, do ATM's in Jamaica disburse Jamaican dollars or USD.

    Thanks. Can't wait for our first trip!

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    Yes, there are ATM's at all Couples Resorts. There is a $6.00 (US) transaction fee for using the ATM, however. All money dispersed is in US dollars.

    I would still advise you bring a small amount of cash with you, since you will need to tip the airport baggage handlers and your driver before you ever reach the resort. I would suggest bringing about $200 cash, mostly in small denominations. For most people, that is more than enough to cover "extra expenses" (like souvenirs and food during travel) for the entire trip. There are safes in your room to keep your cash safe.


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    There are ATMs and they disperse U.S. dollars. However, the fee is about $6-$8 plus your bank fee. We always bring $300 in cash (with lots of ones and fives for tipping) and then use our credit card if we pay for any additional excursions. I'd bring cash and skip the ATM. Plus, you'll need it to tip the baggage handlers and bus driver when you arrive.

    On a side note, you will LOVE CTI!! We've been to them all and CTI is our favorite
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