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    Default Dec christmas hatters meet up

    How about a meet up - everyone wear your christmas/Santas hats.
    When: Dec 15
    Time: 2:00
    Where: Pool Bar

    Who will be there?[/COLOR]

    Larry & Deb Maryland

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    Hi Happytimes -

    We will be there!! We will have to meet up before then too. Didn't I read somewhere that it is Larry's birthday while you are there? My bday is on 12/14, so I will be chilling and relaxing ALL Day, no different than any other day that week. LOL 9 days for us!! SINGLE DIGITS!!
    See you soon!!

    Becky & Dennis along with Molly & Charlie (Daughter & Son-in-Law) and Holly & Adam (Friends)
    The Minnesota 6-pack!!
    Have a Happy Day!

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    Going to get our hats today!
    See you at the pool bar on the 15th
    Canucks, Jim & Connie

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    Smilemon -

    Larry's brithday is the day we arrive - What a gift, he isn't getting anything else (ha) 12/12. Tomorrow is 9 days for us. LETS DO THE SINGLE DIGIT DANCE !!!!!!
    See you soon, yes we will meet up before the pool get together. I have to find our hats, if not have to go this weekend and get them.

    Get the Cool Runnings and Miami Vice Ready, - WE'RE COMING HOME

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    WhoooHooo!! Can hardly wait! I will be there with my hat!!
    Can't wait!! 4 more days!! Can hardly believe its almost here!
    So Tuesday at 2....
    Becky, I am sure I will be seeing you on your B-day. I am a horrible singer, but I will do it anyways!!

    See you all soon!

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    Doesn't look like a real big crowd, but I think we will have a lot of fun. 4 more sleeps are off we go. Deet - we will be seing you, maybe at the airport. What time do you get in? Last I looked, we are suppose to get in between 10 and 11 am. Can't wait

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    I think we all need to do a Hot tub Christmas sing-a-long some evening with our hats on!!
    Have a Happy Day!

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    Bill and I will be there if I have room in the suitcases for 2 santa hats!! We leave in the morning. Today we go to Indy to see the grandbabies and then our son will take us to the airport in the morning. See ya!

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    HappyTimes, we land at 11:10, so it looks like we are right behind you!
    Smilemon, a hot tub sing a long with our hats on sounds GREAT! We can also discuss stuff on a stick!! LOL
    Mememon!!! Can't wait to see you and Bill!! I barely have room left for my Santa's hat, but it will be there!! Give your granbabies lots of kisses!!

    3 more sleeps for us!!

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