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    Default Iowa meet up december 2009

    Wow, we are down to the final 100 hours. I have went through these threads over and over but still not sure who will be down beginning of December. I know there are a few groups from Iowa, or maybe others from this board.

    Myself and my wife Ashley as well as our newlywed friends Kurt and Danielle december 2nd through the 9th

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    Jason and Ann from Iowa.
    We are here now until the 4th.
    Jamaica Us Happy
    Jason & Ann

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    Is South Dakota close enough to Iowa? Born there too. We'll be there from Dec. 6th through the 13th.

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    My wife and I plus 3 other couples arrive the 30th. Our friends the Gregos are there now...He has an iowa Hawkeye tattoo on his shoulder and a cross on the back and a pic of his girls on his pecs.....His wife is a tall slender playboy looking blonde....mmmmmmm......

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    To describe myself. I am 26 and have been fake baking in my dads tanning bed for a month now. Not proud of this. I have dark brown hair and am about 5-10", I am a pretty big guy when it comes to weight, I have a four leaf clover tattoo on my back and a tribal sun on my shoulder. My wife is about my height, well close but blonde. She will most likely be laughing the whole time. Our friends are not overweight at all. Danielle is a red head with long hair, pretty fair skin, very good looking chick. My friend Kurt is about my height but no more than 165 pounds. He is diabetic so im sure will be out of the pool every few minutes shooting up. We will have a water rocket in the pool that is thrown under water. By far the best water toy ive ever seen. Stop and say hi,please. Nobody can have too many friends!!

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    Default Cedar Falls reporting in

    Hi all you Iowegians,

    Ken and Brenda here from Cedar Falls. We'll be arriving Thursday the 3rd and staying until Monday the 14th. We'll be hanging out with our Brit friends Jim and Lynda on the beach in front of the Beach Grill - our favorite spot in the world!


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    off to memphis at 6:15 am, see you guys tomorrow about the same time as now (4pm)

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    Default safe travels backniowa

    we are exactly 48 hrs behind you. friday 6:15 dm to memphis to ja. looks like we are getting out just in time as the weather is supposed to turn tomorrow!
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    We are from the Des Moines area but don't leave until the 28th of December. Have fun and go Cyclones!

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    Live post from here---9:33 am heading to drink at the pool soon!!

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    Dubuque chiming in, we'll be there from the 12th thru the 19th! Hope to meet fellow Iowans there!

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    wow back home finally, des moines airport closed wednesday keeping us in atlanta. bad way to end an awesome trip, met cool people cant wait to come back and see people all over again

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