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    Default Cn from December 12 to 19

    I will be at Cn on December 12 to 19 and I was wondering if there will be French speaker? Sorry for my bad English.
    My husband and I will be there for our honeymoon and I hope there will be French speaker there.

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    It's me again. I am really sorry to learn that I shall not be lucky to meet people who speak in French. I hope that I can manage in English. Anyway I so look forward to being in couple negril. Better chance next time

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    Hi Nancy,

    We will be there during that time but no french, sorry. In my experience a language barrier can be broken with a few cocktails

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    We might be vacationing in France next year and would like to learn a few basic French phases and discuss with you some things to do while we are there. We would be more than happy to talk to you even if your English is not that good. We like to play volleyball and tend to hang out on the beach near the volleyball courts. If you think you recognize us on the beach, just say “Hi Zoo Keeper”. I will be the whitest (no tan) guy you will ever see on a beach!

    Gary & Cindy
    12/13 -12/21
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