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    Default Couples Swept Away Atrium Suite 2nd floor

    Good evening everyone!

    We will be returning to Couples Swept Away in April, 2018. We have stayed in the Atrium Suites before...but on the ground level. What building do you recommend for a great 2nd level suite? We would like to be close to the beach...but with some privacy....any suggestions?

    Thanks loads!!!

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    I think we've had 7 stays in a first floor atrium. I'd like to know how you get a 2nd floor in any building.

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    Request it?

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    Yes....we are requesting a second floor Atrium. Having stayed on the first floor several times, we want to experience the second floor. Have any of you fine folks stayed on the second floor? And if so....which atrium???

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    Ask when you check-in.
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    Request upper floor when you pre register.

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