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    Default Best off-resort (CSA) lunch stop?

    My wife and I will be going back to CSA after a near 7 year hiatus in April. Last time we went our one attempt to go off resort was met with aggressive offers for drugs. We immediately turned around. This time around we are committed to exploring what 7 mile beach has to offer. We would love to know what is the best place to go off resort and get lunch and a drink? We know Margaritaville is a short walk away but we aren't interested in such a large commercial restaurant. We want a locally owned bar to hang out and enjoy a Red Stripe. Any suggestions?

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    Lobster Sandwich from the Boat Bar and Restaurant. It's a little over twice as far
    down Long Bay
    from CSA as Margaretville, just past the Ristorante da Gino (not a good place to eat) which is just past Wayz (sp) where they have the Donkey Races.
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    Cosmo's!!! I don know if he's still around. He was getting ready to retire last time we were there. He's a lovely fellow and the food is wonderful.

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    A couple of years ago we hung out at the Boat Bar for a few Red Stripes - The bar is actually a boat - kind of cool

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    For the best food and an alternative experience, I'd suggest grabbing a cab and leaving the beach for the cliffs (AKA West End). Kool Vibes has very good jerk and is a good place to have a few beers but no view. LTU has a nice view and full bar. Other places we like up there are Sips and Bites (great Jamaican food, BYBO from next door) Ras Roddy (no beer, vegan), Just Natural and Sharks. Some of the resorts on the cliffs also let in non guests for lunch - Tensing Pen is especially nice ( we stay there often) and I've heard good things about Xtabi. I believe Push Cart at Rockhouse is open for lunch too. Unlike the beach, you wont have to worry about so many aggressive hustlers but you will need to watch out for cars ripping down the road.

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    Ossies is basically across the street from the Greathouse lobby, 3 Dives, Best in the West all for jerk.

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    Cosmo did retire about a year ago, and closed his property. Not sure what's there now, if anything. For a nice lunch, I'd recommend going to Tree House for chicken, or across the street to the jerk stand (Best in the West?). Another option would be to wander down the beach and watch for the patty vendor... the one with his hot box mounted on a bicycle... then grab a beer at any local bar. If you're up for a longer walk, try Woodstock.

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    Nothing has replaced Cosmo’s.

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