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    Default How Do You Enjoy Couples All Year Long?

    Last year at Christmas I gave my husband a calendar I had made with all my favorite pictures from CN. He loved it! For the month of January I put in a picture of him floating on a raft in Bloody Bay. For February, there was a picture of us sitting on the waterfall at the pool bar. These pictures helped us get through the cold winter months.In fact, each month reminded us of a special memory we had on our trip. What do you do to help you get through the year till you can return to paradise?

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    I torture myself reading the MB everyday, wishing I was there. Love the idea about the calendar though!!

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    We take our Couples vacation every January. For the past 2 months we have been "going to Jamaica" every Thursday! A new Jamaican restaurant just opened here that serves great jerk chicken, oxtail, roti and patties. They even have Ting!
    It's just the two of us, eating good food, talking with the Jamaican guy that owns it, listening to Bob music and enjoying the vibe. It will get us through the next 62 days til our trip to CTI.
    Marnie and Dave

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    I periodically have a glass of rum cream on the rocks, sit on my patio and think about tree frogs.

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