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    Hi all,

    Thinking about booking our first trip to Jamaica in April/May next year…

    Is April/May a good time to visit? Don’t want to be fighting for space but at the same time would be nice to meet good people and not feel like it is a ghost town…
    Thanks in advance for any responses…

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    Greetings Trimada

    I'm a fellow newb myself, so I can't speak from an experience standpoint, but I can at least tell you that we booked our debut trip to Couples/Jamaica in April. The rates are reduced from 4/4 on, so you'll save money if you book based on the April/May timetable mentioned in your post. Just be forwarned tho that effective 4/1 thru 5/31 (or is it thru 6/30?), there is a moritorium on lobster in Jamaica, so it's likely there won't be any at the resort, with the possible exception of maybe some found in bisque or other dishes. There certainly won't be any fresh lobster. Personally, I think the availability of this delectable crustacean is a fairly silly reason by which to plan one's vacation, but some, including you, may feel it's that important.

    As you continue to read in here, you will learn a great deal about the four Couples resorts and the experiences from many 'seasoned' vets, some who have vacationed with Couples literally dozens of times. Believe me, if this message board can't whet your appetite about all this place has to offer, nothing will. Have a great trip.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Even when the resorts are at full capacity, you won't have to fight for a chair or a spot on the beach. Can't imagine it being a ghost town at any time.

    Go to the meet up thread for each resort and see who is going in April/May. (Note: A lot of folks don't even know about the MB.)

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Couples!!

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    We have been to Negril in Apr, May, Oct, Nov, Dec. Other than one time that we came in 2 days after Ivan, I have not noticed a difference in the amount of people. Anytime is a good time.

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    April after Easter is great. Weather is warm and dry. Spring Breakers are gone. The AI resorts especially Couples are not affected by Spring Breakers (they stay in the cheaper ala carte hotels).

    We are headed to CN in 25 days. Personally like it better than CSA, but both are great.

    Have fun

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    We have always gone in April, never had any issues with space or crowds even with the April Fools in 06 we never encountered any problems with chairs, or reservations......

    April is a great time to go on a vacation, when you get back home, spring is not far behind.

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    IMHO there is never a bad month to visit couples. Any time of the year is great. Over the years we have been to 3 of the 4 couples resorts in the months of Dec, June, Aug, Sept.

    The months of August and Sept the resorts were about 60% full, and Dec and June the resorts were close to 100% occupied. Never a problem with chairs, or restaurants reservations even at peak times.

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