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    Default Cti....12/16-12/23

    Anyone gonna be at CTI from 12/16 to 12/23?

    34 Days!!

    Brandon and Michelle

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    See you there Brandon & Michelle. Well be waiting for you on the 19th drinks in hand at the dock on the island! Have been busy lastly, were taking the Scuba Diving course, and we will be certifying while on vacation!

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    We'll be there the island for us, but maybe we'll still see you around the resort!

    Tom & Nancy

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    We'll also be there from the 14-21...counting the days.

    Rhonda & Jim

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    Default wooo!

    We'll be there more or less the same time (Dec 18-25)! Looking forward to all the fun in the sun!

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    Oh My countdown is only 28 days now.. See you all real soon! Can't wait to see the new COR/CTI

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    Good to see we will have a good number of people on the island. Can barely contain my excitement!!!

    26 more Days!!!!!!

    Michelle and Brandon

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