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    Default requesting a certain block/floor??

    Hello, just seeing if anyone can help me out here. We will be at CTI from May 17-27 for our honeymoon. We have an Ocean Jr. Suite. From everthing I have read on here, I've seen the most to get the top floor on Block 3. Really not to sure where that is.

    But the question I have, is how to I go about requesting this floor?? Can I call now and see if it is available. I really want the best view and best time possible!! But from reading everything, it seems that won't be a problem!! Just wondering if anyone can help me out on this. Thanks!!!!

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    As far as I know they are all on the top floor of building 3, which is the main building. The views don't get any better than center of the main building. You will be OK.

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    I believe that there are also some Ocean Jr. Suites in the new building...#2

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    ok thanks. bc we used the Wednesday special and when they send us our email back with all the updated info, it said this:

    Located On The Top Floor In The Main Building, Block 3 And Block 2 On 1st, And 2nd Floor.

    thats why i was concerned, bc i want to be on the top floor

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    We were at CTI in April and were in an Ocean Jr. Suite in Bldg. 2 on the 1st floor. We would much have preferred to be in Bldg. 3 on the top floor overlooking the ocean rather than the pool. You can place a request from them but be aware that they can't guarantee a room but will work to accommodate your request.

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    Bart and Bug

    do we just call do request we prefer the top floor??


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    You can use the "contact us" link in the left NAV bar and then select the "CLICK HERE" next to "General Inquiry" and post your request to the resort. We did that when requesting a building and room at CSS and got it. It should work the same for CTI. That's not to say that they will give you what you want, but it doesn't hurt to ask! If it's available I'm sure they'll accommodate you.

    Enjoy your visit to CTI,

    Bart & Bug

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    Thanks. I sent an email, so hopefully we get the top floor of the main building in the center!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stef528 View Post
    Thanks. I sent an email, so hopefully we get the top floor of the main building in the center!!!
    You're welcome. We're hoping it works for you. Enjoy your stay at CTI.

    Bart & Bug

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