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    Default We had a FABULOUS time!

    As others have stated, before my wedding date I would check this message board daily. So I really wanted to update you guys after my big day. I'll try not to be too redundant and just give info of things that haven't been talked about much on the mb.

    We got married at Couples Negril on June 18, 2009. We were married in the Gazebo. I originally wanted to marry on the beach but even at 11 a.m it was warm outside and there were plenty of people on the beach. And I really didn't want to have random people in my pictures. I have to agree that the morning is better for weddings mostly because the water is sooooo blue at that time and I can't even imagine how hot it would have been in the afternoon. Giselle, my coordinator, was really wonderful and was definitely on her game. I had a couple of request of her and wasn't sure she could do it because it was kind of last minute...but she made it happen! Thanks Giselle! My wedding day was soooooo fabulous. The weather was sunny, water was blue and everything just went off so smoothly.

    Stacey Clarke did my pics and the few that i was able to see turned out beautifully. She was really a joy to work with and I can't wait to get the rest of my pics.

    One thing I would suggest is to bring plenty of mosquito spray. I don't know if I was like a magnet or what but the first night we were there I didn't put any spray on and they ate me alive.

    Definitely make sure to book the catamarane cruise the first day you arrive. We waited a couple of days and didn't get to do the cruise until the day before we had to leave. It was really fun and also relaxing to be out on the water. It was about a 2 hour cruise and nobody was really just drunk out of their minds as I thought when people stated it was a "booze cruise."

    The only thing that I can think of that was a negative was the smell in the rooms. There was a bit of a mold smell which others have said comes from the resort being in the tropics. Otherwise, the rooms were clean and the linen was changed daily. Our room had a great view of the ocean from my balcony. (Room 7208) It was my husband's favorite spot along with his cuban cigar. (lol)

    I will post my wedding pictures when I get them back. Hopefully this has been helpful to someone still wondering if couples is the way to go. I would say there is no better way to get married! No worries mon!

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    Congrats! We were married there the same day last year, however we were there that time this year for our 1st anniversary! Best wishes to you both

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    I am waiting for your pictures

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    @michellenward...i guess great minds think alike! wedding pictures are on this board under "our wedding pic @ couples nigril 6/18/09.

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