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    Default Questions about CN - 20 days to go

    Hi guys, with the time winding down I have a few questions....
    What is the orientation like a CN? Does it make sense to attend?
    How far in advance are you allowed to make reservations for:

    1. Othaetie Restaurant
    2. Catamaran Cruise
    3. Trading places

    Can the reservations be done the day i would like to go or can it be done the day/night before?

    Thanks in advance for the feedback
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    The orientation is very valuable. The resort has so much to offer, you don't want to miss something just because you don't know about it. Did you know they offer a kitchen tour, reggae dance classes, Jamaican cooking classes and a couple’s massage class?

    The Otaheite has to be scheduled at least a day in advance and I believe no more than 3 days in advance. You can only schedule one dinner there per day, but you can schedule one each day. It’s fun to eat there twice…once at a romantic table for two and once at a table for 6 or 8 so you can meet some new people. You choose the table size when you make the reservation.

    The Cat Cruise can be scheduled the day of the cruise, but it may be full, so it’s wise to schedule that in advance too.

    Trading places should be scheduled as soon as you get to the resort because that only goes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and they limit each trip to 10 couples. It fills up fast.

    Have a wonderful time!!
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    Thanks Wally!!! You guys are the best and to think you are not employed by couples :-)

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