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    Default Dunns River Falls Trip Attire

    I'm wondering what people wear to the Dunns River Falls trip provided through couples. I have heard rumours that they provide you with water shoes at the this true for the couples trip? What do you recommend wearing for shoes if not?

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    Wear your own sandals/flip flops/tennies and they will either Stop along the way to rent shoes our you can rent them at the Falls....
    for a few $$

    Unless you have your own, bring them - but wear normal shoes to walk around in.

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    We just wore a swim suit with a coverup. We brought our own swim shoes. Picked them up at Walmart for a few bucks. We put the swim shoes on in the bus before we went to climb the falls. Left our towels and coverup (hubby t-shirt) in the bus/van. We had a good time. You do need either old tennis shoes (that you won't need right away-they probably will take time to dry out) or swim shoes. It is to slippery for anything else. They do have them to either rent or purchase on the Falls site, but, personally, I would rather have had my own, and they aren't that expense here in the states, nor do they take up that much room or weight in your luggage (IMO). Go and enjoy the trip.

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    Agreed - old tennis shoes (with socks so you don't get blisters) are the best way to go. We saw lots of lots flip flops floating in the falls.

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    What about Tevas?
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    Is it true that you don't have to walk with a guide if you don't want to? I thought I had read on the TripAdvisor forums that although you are "herded" towards guides you could also climb the falls yourselves. Not sure if this is even advisable, just wondering.

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    Be careful renting shoes....You never know when there's a fungus among us.
    I've found the best thing is river sandals with a heel strap. Not expensive and you'll probably use them more than once.

    34 DAYS!!!!!

    Brandon and Michelle

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    I'd be wary of Tevas, too. I have some for kayaking and river stuff, and the toe of them tends to turn under itself on me. Sturdy shoes are probably your best bet.

    It'd be hard to get away from the guides. The only downside to the guys is the forced stops to mug to the camera and the fact that they want you to hold hands. Our group was more climb-y than most, so we stopped with the hand-holding from the start. I wouldn't want to tackle it without a guide showing me where it's safe to climb. There are definitely areas where you look at it and think, "How am I getting from here to up there??"

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    I have heard that there are stairs next to the falls that you can take instead of climbing the falls. Due to some health concerns and age, it would be wise for me to take the stairs. In fact of there aren't stairs, I probably wouldn't go. Would Tevas be appropriate for the stairs?
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    When we went a few years back we ended up renting the shoes. I had brought my tevas type sandals and the guide told me that they would probably end up floating down at the bottom.

    We all started out holding hands but ended up breaking the chain to be able to grab ahold of the rocks in some spots. I did see some people working their way up without a guide, but personally I'd rather have someone showing me the best way up.

    Have a great time!

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    GO to Wal-Mart and grab some water shoes for about $5-10.00 bucks.

    Note: This is not an opportunity to wear your crocs!!!

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    I wore Tevas climbing the Falls and had no problem...except for an occasional rock sneaking inside that I had to get out. Mine were of the closed toed persuasion. Any good water shoe will work. You'll have much more fun going with the guide and a group. More fun people to meet while in Jamaica!


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    I wore Tevas and was always dumping the little pebbles out of them. Cheap water socks would work best.I was grateful for the hand holding at times to get up the falls.It was tougher than I thought but I was glad we experienced it. It was fun and we bought the dvd for 40 dollars which was delivered to CSS a few hours later.The 40 bucks was a little steep but it is a nice thing to bring home. Avoid the craft market at the end!

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    Oh by the can get the $40 DVD cheaper by negotiating in cash. We got ours for nearly half price.

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    I bought myself and my fiancee a pair of Keen NewPort H2 sandals. They are closed toe (won't let pebbles and rocks from the rushing water in), are made for wet/dry surfaces (so will have excellent water traction), and are quick drying and open. I love them and can't wait to wear them.

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    Yes, there are stairs the whole way up ( and down)
    You do not have to climb the sure to check out the beach at the bottom, the waterfall ends there and it's a picturesque place to jump in and get cooled off

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