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    What top shelf alcohol do they offer? and how hard is it to find?

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    What top shelf alcohol do they offer? and how hard is it to find?
    Next year I will have to take a picture.....
    Top shelf is avail at most bars but the piano bar has all available.

    Definitely enough to satisfy most taste buds.


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    I know CSS stocks Glen Livet Scotch.

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    Outbackmac, during our last year, 14 day visit to CSS we had mixed luck with premium alcohol. We are scotch whisky (preferably single malt) drinkers and although JW 12 was available everywhere, The Glenlivet 12 was difficult to find on most days. This happened on 3 different occasions when we dined at Casanovas, they would start to make phone calls to Palazzina or Bella Vista and 20 min later someone would bring bottle with not much on the bottom. They also had Glenlivet 1824 which in our opinion is inferior to 12y, regardless what marketing people from Glenlivet try to tell us. Also difficult to find on most nights.
    On few occasions we got in glass not what has been ordered.......
    We were lucky to have Glenfidich 12 and Glen Grant Major's Reserve in Baloon bar ( twice).
    Grey Goose was available in piano bar, Appleton VX almost everywhere .
    I know that your question is about sister resort, but my post my offer some light, also things change rather fast in Caribbean.
    However, we had zero issues finding our "poison" during trips in past.

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