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    Default Looking for any couples that were at CTI in April 2009?

    We had a blast in April 2009 at CTI and were wondering if anyone that was there from April 12-APril 20 will be again going back to CTI in 2010???

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    crabracers Guest


    As a matter of fact, there will be quite a few of us there. You can check out the "Meet-up" for TI. Look for the April Amigos post. Also one that says, April 2010 CTI.

    Everyone had such a great time, we plan on making it our pilgrimidge every April. By the way, did you make it out to the island? That's where we all were.

    See you next year.


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    Hi.We were there in April too!Just around that time. But we were on the island with the "April Amigos" crowd.Did you check the island out last time because I don't recall meeting you..but there was a lot of drinking soo you know how that goes!We are booked for 2010 also and so are a bunch of other great people so it is really going to be amazing!See you in 2010.

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