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    Default please help on CSS PH decisions!!

    I've looked on looked and am having a real hard time deciding on which penthouse to request for a honeymoon in CSS!! I'd really like something with a little privacy and quiet, any suggestions? I hear a lot about the prime minister suite, and D!!!

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    The 5 PH suites in D Block are the best. 3 of them have 1 1/2 baths. They all have huge balconies. Closet space is not so great, but does that really matter
    They all have 2 flat screen TV's and huge walk in showers.
    They were completely redone about 3 years ago and so was every room in D block

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    The Angela Bassette suite, D-21, had one bathroom and what I thought was quite a bit of closet space (two closets!). It had an amazing view of the ocean. Very quiet and private. I'd just ask for a specific block (probably the D block, but I've heard good things abut G, too) and hope for the best.

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    we have just returned-had a great time as always-

    had the chance to stay in 2 phs-

    harry belafonte D27-great view out towards the mineral pool side-great balcony-

    after 3 nights there moved to the pm suite - beach view-view of sunset-large balcony-great bathroom

    both were great rooms but the pms would get the edge due to the jacuzzi tub and large walk in shower that had fantastic views.

    both suites had great features and you could not go wrong with either.

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