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    So, despite searching the MB and generally wandering around I still have a few questions.

    I'm trying to decide which restaurant to enjoy lobster on the Wednesday we are there ..any suggestions as to your favorite at CSS to enjoy lobster in it's glory? I'm not opposed to spicy, but I don't think spicy lobster would a preferance. (just my opinion). I was going to reserve Cassanova for that night...opinions?

    Jellyfish..should I be concerned in December?

    Totally second guessing my room choice, we booked a beachfront jacuzzi suite, but I'm wondering if I should change it to a oceanfront suite, I would like to see and hear the ocean. I have no problems walking the stairs... (matter of fact, it would probably be a good thing because I have every intention of enjoying desserts)

    I think once I arrive there (approx noon) I'll be ordering a Rum Runner...have to get the nerve up to head to SSB. I want to give it a try, and I KNOW I have to get hubby a few strong drinks to join me (first time going au natural for both of us). Despite the trepidation, I'm hoping to enjoy the experience.

    Breakfast.. I've read about "second breakfast" but I don't know what's on the room service menu for breakfast menu aside from fruit and breads, any suggestions? I'd like to order mimosas ( not like He'd like it, but I would )

    I've never been to a Couples Resort, but been to to JA a few times at other AI's, so any opinions are very welcomed.
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    I think all the restaurants are fine as far as the lobster goes. We don't normally like real spicy food, and my husband had 2 lobsters at Cassanova. They were great. As far as the rooms go, we had a one bedroom ocean suite in block D. Don't recall hearing the ocean much there, but the view was great. Although I have seen pictures from the Beachfront rooms and they looked really nice too, so no matter which room you have, I think you will love it.

    We never did the room service for breakfast. We were alway in too much of a hurry to get to SSB. So, I can't tell you anything about that.

    Now, SSB is great. Do give it a try. I am normally not the type to feel comfortable inekid in front of others, but the experience was great and we can't wait to get back there in 23 days. Once you try it, you will understand. Check out the "Au Naturel" thread on this board, it might ease you fears.

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    Light just came on in my head as I read this post.

    We leave for CSS in 3 days (woo-hoo) and I naively thought that lobster night was like the beach party etc and it was an "event" and not something that you needed to go to a restaurant for. I'm glad that this clued me in so that I will make reservations for dinner.

    I guess I'm already in vacation mode---thinking the food is going to come to me---what, are they going to cut my meat up for me too? Hahaha.

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    I'll try to answer what I can - we were at CSS in January, and you've made a terrific choice.

    We had lobster at both Casanova and Palazzina. I think that both served it broiled with butter. I don't recall there being choices like lobster thermidor, for example. Both were wonderful restaruants. We loved sitting outside on the patio at Casanova. But Palazzina also has a patio that is lovely. The lobster is not like in the U.S. - it is smaller.

    We did not encounter any jellyfish in January.

    There is no such category as Oceanfront suite at CSS. The old name of Beachfront Jacuzzi suite has been replaced by the name One Bedroom Beachfront Suite. We stayed in the BFJS/1BR BF suite in January. Except for the rooms in Block "D", no other room category is closer to the ocean than the 1BR BF Suite. The D block contains the following room categories: One BR Ocean Suites, Deluxe Ocean Verandah Suites and Penthouse suites. So you can choose from there. And the D block is not right on the beach, either; it sits on a cliff overlooking the ocean.

    I think when people refer to the second breakfast, they mean having room service as soon as they wake up, then heading over to Palazzina for the breakfast buffet later in the morning. We only had room service for dinner and snacks. They certainly have a mimosa set-up (OJ and sparkling wine) at Palazzina.

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    Keep the jacuzzi suite, the location is perfect.

    Our room had a beautiful view of the ocean and you are closer to everything.

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    Many thanks for the quick responses! I know I'm probably overthinking things. DH finds it amusing that I scour the MB daily looking for reviews and questions dealing with CSS, he told me that I won't have any surprises left once we get there... LOL! He's just happy to be returning to Jamaica

    39 days to go!!

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    Default Counting down

    We have only 31 days left to wait to see this magnificent resort and the wonderful folks that make it that way. Been reading CSS posts for 8-9 months and wondering if we did "good" by trying a new spot (other than CSA) and I feel certain that we chose wisely! I've been spending mucho time with my new grandson, telling him all of the wonderful virtues of Jamaica, yard work & bacon. Don't know if he gets it yet, but he will always know that a trip to Couples is something to look forward to. I guess we're alittle eager, eh. Name:  P1010038a.jpg
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    Hi from Jim And Judy in Texas we been here 4 times now and love it we will be in in Jan 8/18. we never did the room service eaither . All the food is great I love breakfast the most
    As the same for Lindad we went stright to SSB and stayed there till they shut the bar down hope to see yall there

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    caveman, i guess we will have tons to talk about....we have a new grandson as well, he was born 17 september 09 and weighed almost 10 lbs!!! look forward to seeing you!!!

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    We enjoyed the lobster more at the Casanova Restaurant. In my opinion this restaurant was better.

    We enjoyed room service one night for dinner and had appetizers several times w/ friends during the day and my wife loves room service for breakfast but I do not remember the menu for breakfast. I think several times I walked over to Palazzina and brought plates of food back to the room so that we could eat on the balcony. This restaurant is VERY convenient to the jacuzzi suites.

    If you are in the jacuzzi suites then you are close to SSB, just stroll over there and find yourself a chair on the beach (they are semi private) because most peeps don't use the ocean at SSB because they hang at the pool or grill.

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