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    So, despite searching the MB and generally wandering around I still have a few questions.

    I'm trying to decide which restaurant to enjoy lobster on the Wednesday we are there ..any suggestions as to your favorite at CSS to enjoy lobster in it's glory? I'm not opposed to spicy, but I don't think spicy lobster would a preferance. (just my opinion). I was going to reserve Cassanova for that night...opinions?

    Jellyfish..should I be concerned in December?

    Totally second guessing my room choice, we booked a beachfront jacuzzi suite, but I'm wondering if I should change it to a oceanfront suite, I would like to see and hear the ocean. I have no problems walking the stairs... (matter of fact, it would probably be a good thing because I have every intention of enjoying desserts)

    I think once I arrive there (approx noon) I'll be ordering a Rum Runner...have to get the nerve up to head to SSB. I want to give it a try, and I KNOW I have to get hubby a few strong drinks to join me (first time going au natural for both of us). Despite the trepidation, I'm hoping to enjoy the experience.

    Breakfast.. I've read about "second breakfast" but I don't know what's on the room service menu for breakfast menu aside from fruit and breads, any suggestions? I'd like to order mimosas ( not like He'd like it, but I would )

    I've never been to a Couples Resort, but been to to JA a few times at other AI's, so any opinions are very welcomed.
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