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    Default New to Couples and AN

    I'm gonna be going to CN in July of 2010. Excited about the reviews everyone gives on the Couples Resorts. Can't wait. Also never been AN before. Me and my Fiance (after couples: wife) are wanting to try the AN experience. For first timers is the CN going to give us a good experience of the AN or should we consider going to Tower Isle? Which one will suit us best for first timers to Couples and AN? I'm counting down the days, the posts' you all are leaving is the only thing that gets me through the day as I count down )

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    CTI, CSS or CN will all give you a good experience with nude sunbathing. Each one adding its own attraction. At CN it is more of a private affair that you share and experience with your loved one.

    Select the resort of your choice because your heart told you this is the one.

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    All the An area are different. CTI have a private island that is very private with a pool and bar. CN is a set aside area on the beach with a bar and hot tub.

    Both are nice, CTI is probably the better for your first time.

    You need to look at what each resort and what they have to offer you. If An and included tours are important then CTI is it. If being in a very active area then CN is it.
    Irie Mon

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    I appreciate it. My fiance says Negril has been calling her name since the couples came into play so I think that is where we will be spending most of our time. I want a private experience with her but I would like to meet some new friends and hang out also so that's why we were considering the Isle. Wasn't real sure what to do. So thank you.

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    CN did not feel private to me because it is on a public beach and anyone walking by can see you. Probably not the best choice for first timers.

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    I kinda want the private experience for the first time but everyone talks about how great and laid back people are at the Isle and how friendly they are, and I want to have that experience of being with other people AN to get the full effect of the AN, but being on the beach laid back AN and feeling free is the main objective for us... just being yourself ya know? If anyone else is going week of July 18th, 2009 let me know, might be a little easier to get used to the idea getting to know some people that will be there before we go. Thanks )

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    You should REALLY consider CSS for a/n.

    Their a/n beach is private, it has a pool AND grill. You can come and go as you please. If you get a room in 'A' or 'B' block you can walk to you room in less than 5 minutes and CSS is really nice.

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    If it's any help, my wife and I did CSA this June as our first Couples experience, and are heading to CSS in Nov. 2010 and plan to do the AN thing. We were in the same boat as you, wanting to try AN, but also wanting something private.

    After seeing the traffic on the beach at CSA, we figured that we might be better off trying CTI or CSS as our FIRST AN experience, only because both offer a somewhat more private AN area then CN does. That's not to say that CN isn't private, but we liked the fact that CTI and CSS offer the private beach/island, whereas CN does still have public traffic along the water line.

    For someone with at least a BIT of trepidation about going AN, the public walking along the beach can be a deal breaker, even though the AN section @ CN is further back.

    Anyways, as I said, we will be first timers @ CSS Sunset Beach, and we are both obviously are a bit nervous about it. We chose CSS because from what we read and could see, it is private and has the beach option. We were very torn between CTI and CSS, but CSS won out because of the beach.

    We DO plan to visit CTI using the Trading Places program if we can though.

    Only 371 days to go!

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    Default Feb. 20th

    My wife and I are going to CN Feb. 20th. We've never been there before and are really looking forward to it. Never been to a nude beach before and can't wait to feel the freedom that I can't enjoy in my own swimming pool, because of the nieghbors.

    Anyone going at that time? I love meeting new people

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    I'm really wanting to do the CSS thing because of the pool, grill, hot tub, and beach but my fiance is saying that negril is really calling her name so I hate to disappoint her. I may try the trading to and go to css for the day or tower isle. Then next time I will know which one to go to for the AN based on how we feel at each resort... Can't wait for the Couples Experience.

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    Last April my wife and I made our first visit to Couples. we went to Cn. It called to us. We tried AN for the first time on the second day and really enjoyed the experience. I think what helped my wife decide to try AN was an early morning visit to the AN beach. No one was around. She got to see that we could sit a long way back from the where the public walks by. She saw there was lots of shade. It's a very comfortable area on a very beautiful beach. We picked some chairs and came back after breakfast to disrobe and enjoy the freedom. We spent time on the AN beach being quiet and by ourselves and we spent time talking with others and making new friends.

    I'm sure you will be happy which ever Couples resort you choose. But if Negril is calling to your fiance, I would go with that.


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    I appreciate the info...that's what i'm looking for. Other's experiences so I kinda have something to compare it to. Sounds like just what we are looking for. Would be nice to talk to some others going at the same time but I'm sure we will get there and meet some people too. Really looking forward to it. Thanks

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    Sorry, but you can not do the trading places and visit CTI or CSS if you are staying at CN. You may, however visit CSA, which has no AN option at all. Good luck with your decision.
    Quote Originally Posted by jonnstacy View Post
    I'm really wanting to do the CSS thing because of the pool, grill, hot tub, and beach but my fiance is saying that negril is really calling her name so I hate to disappoint her. I may try the trading to and go to css for the day or tower isle. Then next time I will know which one to go to for the AN based on how we feel at each resort... Can't wait for the Couples Experience.

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    In July we did the AN thing for the first time at CTI. It was great for us because we were on an island and didn't have to worry about gawkers. Thank goodness we did it the second day we were there is all i can say. I think we spent everyday on the island, with the exception of going to CSS for a trade. I would say CSS Is the better of the three AN beaches. More room, bigger pool, grill, and the staff at CSS had a bunch of pool games(AN) at CSS to get everyone involved if you wanted to. Don't get me wrong CTI was great to get your feet wet for the first time but it did get crowded at times. Either way we loved the experience.

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    Thanks for the info guys and your right about the day swap I forgot... With SA not having the AN I guess it wont really help doing the day swap. So I hope the AN Negril will satisfy our needs. I'm sure it will from what I've heard. Thanks for all the great info. You all are great.

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    AN at CN is there to be what you want it to be. My wife and I just got back and we sat to the rear of the AN on each day and found that the beach traffic from the public was not an issue. The passerbys stay near the water and sure they take a look or two, but didn't you before you took your clothes off??? The AN at CN also has a bar, bocci and a hot tub for those who want to mingle. There is also a few great spots near the trees to provide a break from the sun. We found the choice of seats on the AN to be much better then the reg beach due to the fact less people use AN all together. Have fun!

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