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    Default Contacting CSA Dive Shop & Lost Log Question

    Hi- We leave on Thursday and I just realized that my dive log has gotten lost in our recent move. I have my PADI OW card, but I wanted to get in touch with the dive shop at CSA, if possible, to see if they'll let me dive. Does anyone know the procedure in this case? Any advice on what I can do? Thanks!

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    My husband realized that he forgot his PADI card when we were at CN last month. Bryan from the dive shop was fabulous. He called the office in the US and actually had them fax a copy of his card. He gave him an extra print out of it just in case he needed it. Now that is what I call customer service!

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    Thanks for the help -- I figure that they will do whatever they're allowed to since the dive shop folks are great. Hopefully I can just do a check-out dive or something. I emailed them and we'll see what happens. Thanks!

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    you should be able to dive with just your card and not your logbook. They will ask you when your last dive was and have you prove some skills if it has been a long time. Just remember any issues are "no problem", have fun

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