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    Default CSA is our "home" but,,,,,,,,,

    We first started at the old COR, then we found CSA. We have returned there ever since. Last year there were ten of us that traveled to CSA, and as usual had a fantastic time. Last night we got together to discuss our vacation in October. The vote was to give another resort a chance, and by a majority it was voted CN. I am having second thoughts, only because I always go with what I know. I am hoping we didn't make a mistake. Wish us luck! I know you can't go wrong with any of the Couples resorts. Does anyone know if all of the room categories at CN have a refrigerator? Thanks!

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    Well it's still Jamaica so it can't be that bad. Try to keep an open mind!

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    You will LOVE CN. We have been 3 times and think it is fantastic!

    All rooms have mini-bars which include refrigerators.

    CN is very quaint and small. We love the close proximity of everything. All of the rooms are very close to the beach so we have never felt a need to upgrade from a garden room. We always save the money and spend an extra night or so.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    CN is amazing, you won't be disappointed. Very laid back and relaxing.

    If you check the room descriptions, I think each room type includes a fridge. Might want to double check when you book your room, though.

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    You will enjoy our home away from home just as much as CSA plus you can always get your fix with the Trading Places program.

    My undertsanding is all rooms have been upgraded with the mini bar plus mini refrigerators.

    If you like the swim up bar feature at CSA you'll love CN. Walk the resort and you will experience the two sides. The tropical garden and the open air.

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    just say no to peer pressure.....

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    Would they consider at splt? Then you could have the best of both worlds.

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    You are going to love CN. How can you go wrong with Couples anywhere? Try not to will all be good.

    GO SOX!!

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    We are big CSA fans but we visited CN last time and thought it was just wonderful. I'm sure you'll love it. Maybe you can take a trading places day trip and visit your old pals at CSA too.

    Don't miss the macaroon cookies at CN's beach grill.

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    As long as you go not expecting CSA, I think you will be fine. You can always go on a day pass if you get homesick

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    Thanks for the great info everyone. I am sure we will love it. We just booked CN for Oct 7-14th. I did ask about a split, but since it is only 7 nights we figured it wouldn't be worth it. We will do the trading places though.

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    We're the exact opposite! We stayed at CN in 2005 and fell in love with it - we're finally returning to Jamaica this year, and have decided to try CSA for a week (followed by a week at our beloved CN!)

    It was hell trying to convince my hubby to give CSA a try, but I've read so many great things about it. . . and I figure it's a Couples, and it's in the paradise that is Jamaica, so how bad could it be?

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