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    Default Albie and Leanne - September 24, 2010

    I'm so excited, I can barely stand it! We've booked a nine day stay from September 21 - September 30, 2010. I don't know how I'll make it until then! We'll be getting married on September 24, which is also my 30th birthday. I figure I'll go easy on him and he'll only have to remember one important date. lol Plus, what better way to celebrate than by marrying the love of my life?

    Chances are it will be just the two of us, though we're really hoping my parents will be able to make the trip.

    I always dreamed of marrying on the beach, but the Couples experience is far beyond anything I could have dreamed.

    Is anyone else going to be there at the same time?

    Only 314 days until we board the plane... but who's counting? lol

    Light, Love, and Laughter,


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    Where are you staying? We will be @ CTI from 9-17 until 9-27. We are getting married on September 22nd!

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