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    Default Anyone use Diana Campbell?

    We are getting married in June, and have hired Diana for our photograghy. Just wondering if there are any brides that have used her and would want to share your photos with me?


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    Me and my husband used her and her son and we used the right photographer. She will be there before your wedding and all through your ceremony, the cake,and afterwards. You will get the pictures that you want, and she won't leave until you get the one's that you want. I have to be honest I usually hate pictures of myself so I was only expecting to like a few of them and I fell in love with more than half. It was hard for me to decided which ones were going to go on our announcements. We didn't have anyone there with us either so we ended up having her tape it to which came out wonderful. I posted the sites were my pictures are here and I totally forgot to post the one of the video so I will put the link in here. If you have any questions just let me know. I know how important this days is and I'm sure you want it to go perfect. Congradulations by the way!


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    I used Diana in June 09. Her and her son, Richard were wonderful. If you email me I will give you access to my snapfish account. She took well over 300 photos. I was able to find Diana from brides on the old message board. You may want to look on the message board and view some of their photos.
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    We hired Diana for our wedding next weekend and so far she has been awesome! I can't wait to meet her in person and I'm yet to see a bad photo she has taken. We get back from Jamaica on Dec.1 so I will gladly post my album for anyone who might want to take a look!

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    The pictures that I've seen are gorgeous, and can't wait to meet Diana in person.

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