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    Default Lions in Negril....

    Lionfish that is!

    We just returned from our trip to CN and I am still amazed that there are now Lionfish in Negril. The dive crew said they started showing up in February. I hear different stories as to their arrival but regardless it is exciting. We saw at least 2 on every dive. On one dive some saw up to 8. They are beyond beautiful and so easy to photograph. I have some great photos!

    Name:  Lion Fish CN 11-1-09 P1018709.jpg
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    We saw tons in June. Unfortunately they are not native and are destroying some of the local fauna.

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    Not so sure I would really put out the welcome mat for these fish.

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    While they are pretty fish, they are not native to Jamaica, and are very dangerous; not only to humans, but to other fish because as of now they have no known predator. They are also not good for the reefs.
    I do not welcome these fish to Jamaica, and when we where there in October we specifically asked what they are doing about them, and the answer was the Jamaican government is still in the process of making that decision. They seemed hopeful they would be able to start to destroy them soon. While this seems harsh, they must protect what is native to Jamaica and the surrounding sea. I also would not want to run into one while I’m out in the swimming area…
    This is just my two cents.

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    the sting of a lionfish can have a nasty effect on a person. kinda like some folks are with bees.


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    beautiful picture. thanks for sharing.
    Honeymoonin' at CN on January 3rd - 11th!

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    Loinfish are not a good thing. They will destroy the other fish and things around them. They have spread all over the place in the last year and that is not good.

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    Ah yes, A good ole fashion humble pie right in the face.

    After a little "web research" (further advancing my PhD in Web searches) I now see the impact of the lionfish in the Caribbean. I guess my use of the word "exciting" and "amazed" are a little out of focus. My bad.

    Anyway, for all the divers be aware they are there and not all that easy to see. For the photo hounds bring the gear, they photo well. I was not aware of their presence before my arrival.

    After all, it is the ocean...

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    check out

    Also attached picture was taken at Fishpond. I counted 25 lionfish on that one dive alone.

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    Check out

    This attached picture was taken at Fishpond. I counted 25 lionfish on this one dive alone.
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    Sign me up for some Bahamian Fried Lionfish. Maybe the Office of Nature, 1 or 2, will start selling grilled Lionfish.

    Thanks for the link germangirl.

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