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    Default Okay so how pathetic is this....

    We haven't been home 11 days yet and we are already pining for the next vacation!! And to make it worse we are looking at going next (to CSA) in February - just 3 months away!

    Anybody else like this?
    COR Feb 98; CN Jan 09; CN Oct 09; CSA Feb 10; CN Oct 10; CN Sep 11

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    Yes. We're addicted. Can't help it! Razzl

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    Pathetic? I think not. You have got the bug, we are returning to CSA in February, it has been a year since we were there

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    What took you so long to book your return trip?

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    We were home from CN less than 6 days and I was already on the net looking for pricing for 2010.

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    Ditto we returned Oct 20th I am pricing out a trip for April 2010!!

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    Not Pathetic, Very Lucky! ENJOY!!!
    Art xo Francine

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    Not pathetic at all!!!Im home for a month..and have spent all this time pouting because I want to go back!!!Ive started a savings for next year...I dont care if I have to pick up aluminum cans from the side of the road and cash them in for money...Im going back!It was the most beautiful place Ive ever been...and the friendliest people ever!!!

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    Ha, we don't leave for CTI for 29 days and I'm already planning a return in the summer.

    Michelle and Brandon

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