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    In your opinion, which restuarant has the best lobster at CN on Friday nights?

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    My boyfriend and I were there last week. On Friday, we had the lobster at Otaheite. It was AMAZING. He wanted more, so we visited Heliconia. The lobster there wasn't quite as good, the tails weren't as large either. It is my understading that Lychee doesn't serve lobster as an entree on Friday.

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    We couldnt get in to Otaheide on Friday night so we went to the Terrace and it was delicious! No complaints at all!

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    In my opinion, I am not sure there is bad Lobster, but I could be wrong...It is just I have not yet been wrong to date.

    11 full days and the 12th is TRAVEL DAY!!!!!!

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