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    Default CN Middle March 2010

    Just wondering,

    Who will be there the middle of March 2010?

    We will be there the 11th through the 19th.

    The sheriff and his trusty deputy.

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    Hey Sheriff,

    Let us know where you pin your new badge!

    The King

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    I will King.
    Maybe a lanyard would be in order.

    So far, looks like Sally and I will have the beach to ourselves.

    The Sheriff

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    You're a month too early for us Sheriff. We'll be there Apr 13 - 22. Sorry we're going to miss you. I'm sure you won't be alone though.

    Have a great time in March.


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    Default Whoot

    Hey Sherrif --
    sounds like we'll be seeing you again in March! Mark and I will be doing another split 3/11-22 with the first 7 days at CN!


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    It will great to see you guys. Looks a little quieter this year with King going across the island. I am sure he will see this.
    If it works, I have attached a picture of my noble deputy.
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