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    Default Will you be Diving at CN this December ?

    We are returning to Couples Negril from 7th December for a 2 week visit. We will be diving everyday we can. Will you be on the dive boat with us?. (We will be the couple with the water pistols).
    Ian and Vanda

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    Default Water pistols????

    Well Ian if you can get them through customs can you leave them their for Doug and I in January>

    We miss not seeing the two of you.

    Enjoy your diving with the guys. Say hi to Craig,Richard, Alain and of course Sugar for us.

    Take lots of pictures to send us.


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    Mike & Linda will be there, but will be unarmed! :-)

    Were you there last year?

    See you on the boat!

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    We will be on the boat the 14th-21st. Love diving! This is our 2nd trip to couples, 1st to CN. The last time we went to COR. Anything we should know about diving on the Negril side?

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    It is me Lee and I will be diving from Nov 27 til Dec 4th. See you at the dive shop. Make sure you do the drift dive that ends at the sunken plane.

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    We will just miss Ian and Vanda as we are at CN from Nov 21 to Dec 5, but I'll see some of you on the dive boat. Doing the single digit samba now

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    My hubby Tom will be there every day from Dec. 12th thru the 22nd. He can't wait. He will be the one with the long hair looking like Rastaman! Say "hi" to him!!
    C U in 29 more day!

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    We will be there 24/11 - 09/12.

    A quick question - what is the deepest you go on the normal dives at CN - I know PADI OW is up to 18m but U/W camera is only rated to 15m? I'm not going to be going mad on the photos but would like to have it handy if something unusual appears...

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    Default Will you be Diving at CN this December ?

    Hi Cheese monkey,
    Ive just checked my logbook from Feb 09 and the depth of some of the sites dived are:
    Fantasy Reef 14m
    Shallow Plane 17m
    Fish farm 16m
    Gallery 18m
    Hope that this help.
    Safe diving.

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    Thanks Tony

    They all seem a bit close to the limit for my camera...better leave it topside!

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    Its good to know we will have some unarmed targets (victims) on the dive boat (lol). Looking forward to seeing you soon.
    Ian and Vanda

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    You gotta love fleabay...not only are we doing the single digit dance now but we've managed to secure a canon ixus and 40m underwater housing from our home town...

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    I will be armed (with my dive camera) lol. Can't wait to hit the water!

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    We will be doing our open water certification when we are at CN the 8Dec-18Dec. Will be diving every day after our certification so hope to see all of you then. This is our first time to Jamaica and sooooo looking forward to it.

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    shelspaur, you reminded me that we WILL be armed (with cameras). Looks like we will have to get a camera rinse bucket for the boat.

    Deet1114, will be good to see you & Tom again. :-)

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    I will also be "shooting" with our u/w camera. We are hoping the dolphins turn up to play so that I can take some video. (We were lucky enough to see a swimming, big nurse shark on our last trip -thanks to D.M. Craig)
    Ian and Vanda (U.K.)

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