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    Default CSA Beachfront Ver. Suite

    We are coming for 7 nights in July and are staying in a Beachfront Ver. Suite. Is there a certain one anyone prefers and why?

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    They all are great, go and enjoy
    Irie Mon

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    I prefer a corner room because the balcony just feels more open. If you're in a middle room, then you will other rooms' balconies bookending your balcony. The balconies are all the same size, but I just think a corner room is better. Also, we stayed in a 2nd floor room and I think a 2nd or 3rd floor room is better because you have a better view of the water, vs. just a view of the beach. These are just personal preferences though. Many people like the first floor BFVS because they just walk off their balcony and are at the beach. The other advantage of a first floor room is that if you order the continental breakfast room service, they can access your porch without disturbing you, whereas in a 2nd floor room, I always had to throw on a robe and let the person in to the balcony.

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