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    Default Casino Night at CTI

    Does this still exist or is there any chance they bring it back? Sounds like it was a great night activity after the evenings fine dining experience. Maybe a holdem tourney? Thoughts?

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    We were told in July that it is soon coming.
    Irie Mon

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    I would love a holdem tourney, even if it wasn't for money, it would still be a hoot!

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    Yes lets have a tourney
    the week of 11/22/09
    hope to see you there

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    let me know about this, I will be there. Always willing to play some hold em.
    Shane and Cathy

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    We will be there from the 12th to the 20th. Love to play cards! Wife is a Holdem Shark! ha!

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    Awesome! My girl and I get there on the 11th-18th. Do they have cards and chips or do I need to pack a small kit with me?

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    Default Chips might be a little heavy.

    Cards will be in the suitcase but I'd guess we can find sea shells or something to use for chips. )

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    C and A - I have a picture posted in the november meet up at cti thread.

    I'll see about packing some chips! I have a couple sets at home. If it fits, it ships!

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    Barren,, I have posted a picture of us on our profile. Let me know if its not there.. Atleast I think I have.. ha! We are so close now we are laying out clothes to pack. Yippee!

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    My carry-on is packed already.. a few last minute things for it still.. and my suitcase has all the shoes in it that I need.. clothes have started to go in. I may find some room for chips too!

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    I have chips and cards in my luggage! Also, the cards are acetate, so they can be washed.. so no worries about water or beverages damaging them.

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