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    We are coming to couples Negril again in October. Was just wondering if anyone has seen Rasta Ralph on a Catamaran Cruise or Ancel playing music on the beach.

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    We have been on the Couples Negril catamaran for several years and have never seen Rasta Ralph on it. It seems to me, that I saw some Youtube video of Couples Swept Away catamaran which should Rasta Ralph performing on that cruise. There were some changes with the catamaran last year. Howard the bartender is gone, and so is The short lady, (Verna?) , who would come over to the resort from Couples Swept Away. We actually saw her while the Couples Negril Cat was sitting still for people to swim. We swam over to her boat to say , "Hi" She told me that she isn't coming to Couple Negril resort anymore but only does the cruises with Couples Swept away. The good thing, is our good friend, Cliff is still on the cat. He is such a nice guy.

    However, over the many years including last November, I had the pleasure of hearing Ancel sing on the beach several times during my week stay. He has a beautiful voice that I look forward to hearing each year. I believe he comes out on the beach early in the afternoon. Sometimes, I will ask the security guards if they have seen him and when he typical comes by so I can plan on trying to be out on the beach to see him. Good luck on seeing him.

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    Rasta Ralph was on a cat out of CN last September.

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