All you have to do is ask. IF I can work into my schedule I will read your love letter from where ever in the world I may be. This one to Jason just happened to fall between my meetings in London, England at World Travel Market.

"To my loving husband and friend, Jason:
For several months now, I have been trying to find the right words to say that will allow you see into my heart and fully grasp the depth of the love that I feel for you. I hope the message that I send to you today will allow you to understand the level of commitment that I have to you, to our marriage, and to the future that lies ahead of us.
Like a pair of Oklahoma twisters, our lives have literally been spinning out of control since I first stepped into that elevator with you almost eight years ago. Many of the obstacles we have faced have been far more difficult than most couples would have been willing to endure, but our love and commitment were born out of that initial storm, and the strength of our love has proven to be even more relentless.
It is not by chance that we have ended up in this magical place - at this magical time in our lives. Our upcoming trip marks the start of a new journey - a journey that we were meant to take together. Beginning with the delivery of this message to you and our upcoming vow renewal, I will celebrate, honor and renew my commitment to you, as well as look to our future with excitement and anticipation of the cherished memories still to come.
I am constantly reminded that everything in life is a choice. So, in just a few short weeks, we will stand side by side once again…And as we do, I hope that you will hold these words in your heart…Now that I know the joy that you bring to my life…Now that I know all of the warmth and love that fills my heart every time you smile…Now that I know how good life can be having you by my side… I know in my heart, even more than before, without a moment of hesitation, I choose to spend this lifetime with you.
You stay the course…you hold the line…you keep it all together. You’re the one true thing I know I can believe in…
With all my love!