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    Default CSA- the good, the bad, and the “hairy”

    Just returned from my first trip to CSA; 5 wonderful days. I want to take the time to provide an honest review, from my perspective, because this MB and TA’s were extremely helpful for me in planning my vacation.

    Flight and drive to Resort - We flew direct from BWI to MB on Air Jamaica. The flight was nice and uneventful. Once we landed and went through customs, we proceeded to the Couples Lounge. There, we checked in, our bags were tagged and we enjoyed a couple of Red Stripes. After a wait of about 25 minutes, we, about 8 of us total, were escorted to the van, loaded in, and on our way. Our driver, Stanley, was very engaging and knowledgeable. He tried to interact with everyone and liven things up but we were all pretty quiet during the majority of the ride. We did stop at a place about midways and enjoyed Red Stripes and jerk chicken. The entire trip was less than 2 hours.

    Room - We first stopped at CN and a few folks unloaded there then we were on to CSA. I was escorted inside to check in and given a cold cloth and a glass of champagne. Me significant other asked for something non-alcoholic since he doesn’t drink and suggested that it would be good to have both types of beverages for guests. Someone went and retrieved a cranberry and pineapple juice drink for him. Check-in was quick and we were escorted to our room in the GHVS; room # 5206. (NOTE: I’d read on this MB or TA’s that Great House rooms ending in 05 and 06 had the best views. A couple of weeks before leaving, I emailed the Resort and requested a room on an upper floor ending in 05 or 06. Thanks to whoever posted that because the view was beautiful.) Typically, having a lavish room is important to us but we knew from the research that we’d done that this would not be the case and we were OK with that. However, a clean room is must for me! Upon entering the room and at first glance, I noticed that there was a lot of hair on the floor….one of my BIGGEST pet peeves. There was hair on the floor, in the corners of the room, and mostly attached to the straw rugs that were on both sides of the bed. My significant other knows how I am about hair in my room and stepped out in the hall to ask the lady cleaning if she could call someone to come and get it up. She asked if she could and came in and she made a feeble attempt at getting it up. I was grateful that the bathroom was clean. The rooms are certainly dated but comfortable and cleaned well each day. The mini bar was nice to have and was restocked upon request. I read that some have had liquor in their rooms. We didn’t have any but we don’t drink it anyway. There are limited drawers but plenty of hangers in the closet. The one other thing worth mentioning….just a caution…… the bathtubs are made of porcelain and are very slippery and there were no rubber mats or anything. I almost fell a couple of times.

    Staff – The majority of staff we encountered were very helpful and friendly.

    Beach – One word…….BEAUTIFUL!!!! We spent most of our time here. There are vendors walking up and down but they are in no way bothersome.

    Nightly Entertainment – We caught the tail end of Ultimate Chocolate’s show one night. It seemed as if everyone was having a wonderful time. We never made it to the nightclub or to any of the other hangout along the beach because we were just drained at the end of the day.

    Activities – We took the catamaran to Rick’s twice. This was so much fun. The Captain and crew were very friendly. I’m not the strongest swimmer so the Captain took me out in the water and to the caves. This was the most fun we had the entire trip. We didn’t do any of the other activities provided by the Resort. We did rent jet skis which was a lot of fun.

    Spa – We both had massages that were great!!!!

    Restaurants – Our first day there, after having the hair swept up in our room and unpacking, we went to the Cabana Grill for lunch. OK…what are the chances of this happening…..the food comes, I unwrap the napkin that holds my silverware and what do you think is wrapped around my knife……a long piece of hair. Needless to say, we never ate there so I don’t know how the food was. We had breakfast every morning at the Palms which was good. We made reservation for Feathers but ended up cancelling. We had dinner one night at the Palms. The food was good; the seafood soup was wonderful. We had lunch one day at Sea Grapes. The falafel and the caprese salad were good. Before leaving, we’d made a list, based on people’s comments, of the best jerk places in Negril. We tried Ozzies which I didn’t like; didn’t like the sauce they put on the chicken at all. We tried Three Dives and Bourbon Beach and both were amazing!!! Bourbon Beach sells their hot sauce and I’m kicking myself for not bringing some home.

    Casino – Never noticed any more than one or two people in there. We went in a couple of times and spent probably $60; never won anything.

    Transportation – We flagged down taxi drivers right outside the Resort. We were told to look for the cars with the red plates. On both occasions, they took us everywhere we wanted to go, waited for us, and returned us to the Resort for a nominal fee. They were very friendly.

    Overall – CSA is a very nice Resort. I’ve read that some say it’s too big but, for us, it was just the right size. The size in no way compares to Atlantis in the Bahamas or the Gran Baha Principe in Punta Cana, DR. The beach is wonderful, the food is good, and the people are nice. Would l return??? Definitely!!!

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    We will be at CSA on 11/25/09 for 7 nights and will be flying out of Baltimore and staying in a GHVS so your review was timely and helpful. This will be our third time to Jamaica staying with Couples so we pretty much know what level of service to expect. That's why we keep going back to Couples!

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    Quote Originally Posted by donrae View Post
    We will be at CSA on 11/25/09 for 7 nights and will be flying out of Baltimore and staying in a GHVS so your review was timely and helpful. This will be our third time to Jamaica staying with Couples so we pretty much know what level of service to expect. That's why we keep going back to Couples!
    We will be in the GH during that time also. I will try and not slam the door for ya...

    That is my only problem with the great house, people slam their doors, and wow is it loud!

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    Thanks for taking the time to post such a detailed review here and on Trip Advisor. The beach is spectacular, isn't it? I just wanted to note that in 3 trips to CSA, I have never found stray hairs in my room or at the restaurants. As Bob would say, I am a neatness fanatic, too. I'm sorry that you had such bad luck with the hair.

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