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    Default Restaurant reservations at CN?

    Can you make restaurant reservations for every night at CN upon arrival, or do you have to line up every day to reserve? How difficult is it to get a reservation at the restaurant of your choice? Are there limits to how many times you can go to each restaurant?

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    Getting reservations is very easy. Yes, you can book the entire week once you arrive if you like. However, we are notorious for waiting until the morning of on some days and have never had trouble getting in. However, if there is a specific time and place, then I would suggest reserving at least a day in advance. There are no limits to how many time you can go to each restaurant. Enjoy!
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    Otaheite is only one restaurant that needs reservations. You can make it up to 3 days before.You actually have to make them 2-3 days before as you probably will not get into it otherwise. The desk across from where you check in is where you make them. You can go to any restaurant as many times as you like. Try them all then go back to your favorite.Under the dining thread in CN they have the restaurants and sample menus to look at. Have a great time.

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    There is so much variety. You may want to keep some nights open for experimentation. At CN, the menus for the evening are put out on a little table so you can check them out during the day and make plans for dinner. We like the flexibility of the restaurants that don't take reservations so that if we want to hang out late at the pool or jacuzzi, or just not be "on a schedule" we can do whatever we'd like. What's great is that there is access to meals all day, so you can throw out your normal routine and just eat when you're hungry. Lunch at 3 pm then a late dinner, or light dinner and drinks....whatever. Enjoy.

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    Oh please do not worry about making dinner reservations. You never know how you will feel on a certain day. When you get into the Jamaican vibe, you just sort of go with the flow.

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